7 Backyard Designing Tips for Styling Your Home’s Exterior

Designing Tips

Are you looking for ways to improve your home? Then perhaps it is time to revisit your backyard for some designing tips.

Interestingly, the pandemic is presenting a perfect opportunity for homeowners to improve their backyards. Some look to create a sanctuary out of their backyards by building private parks. In turn, landscapers are busy with projects sprouting left and right.

However, hiring the best landscapers does not ensure an amazing backyard. You still need to do your part by picking the right backyard design, among other things.

Thus, we invite you to continue reading below for some backyard designing tips that you can use to style your home’s exterior like never before.

1. Start With Your Needs and Wants

One of the most important backyard designing tips you must learn is to determine what you need and want for your backyard. This will set the course for your backyard landscaping journey.

Begin by making a list of the things that you need and want in your backyard. Do you want to focus on growing fruits and vegetables in your yard? Or do you want to have an extra space where your kids can play?

To get a better perspective of your plans, get a piece of paper and pencil and draw some rough sketches of how you envision your yard. You don’t need to have a detailed sketch. All you want is for the key elements to appear in the exact spots you want them to.

Also, consider the location and the elements that affect the area. Where does the sun strike? How are the wind patterns in your backyard?

These factors are important, especially if you’re planning to build a patio in your backyard.

2. Understand the Designing Tips Traditions

Another useful tip that goes a long way is to understand the design traditions. There are two main traditions you need to be aware of: Eastern and Western.

Eastern landscape designs gravitate toward curves and irregular shapes. They also use a variety of materials that represent the earth and nature. Some of the favorites include rocks, gravel, and water.

On the flip side, western landscape designs focus more on symmetry. They incorporate a lot of rectangles and straight lines in applying various elements.

The great thing about landscaping is that you can fuse these two traditions. With the help of a trusted landscape designer, you can mix certain elements from both traditions to come up with a unique touch.

3. Aim for an Outdoor Living Space

If you have a large backyard, consider creating an outdoor living space for your family. There are many ways to go about this. For starters, if you have an existing patio or deck, give it a touch of furnishing.

Give your patio a nice table set. This way, the entire family can enjoy outdoor dining under the stars.

If you wish to turn your patio into a “room,” invest in a good sofa. Add a coffee table, some kids bean bag chairs on the side to complete that cozy environment.

You’ll also want to provide enough shade in your backyard. Investing in pergolas is a good option. This gives you ample shade against the sun’s scorching heat.

Furthermore, consider laying a stone pathway through your backyard. Make sure to pick the right dimensions before building your walkway.

Additionally, you can also add a high-quality security meshing fence to your yard. If you’re wondering where to find some of the ‘best fencing near me’, click on the link to learn more.

4. An Outdoor Patio Kitchen Works

Do you have a lot of money to spare? Take your backyard upgrade to the next level by building an outdoor patio kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen can easily become the centerpiece of your backyard design. It gives the family the chance to experience the joys of cooking outdoors with guests. The great thing about adding an outdoor patio kitchen is you can go the custom route or the built-in way.

If you want something simple, a gas or charcoal grill with a bar on the side is a good option to start with. However, make sure to have the kitchen essentials in place. These include things like countertops and shelves.

5. The Amount of Light

No list of backyard designing tips is complete without touching on the lighting aspect. The good thing about lighting up your backyard is that you can do so DIY style.

String lights are excellent for outdoor living spaces. They work best in patios, pergolas, and fences. You can even hang them across trees if you wish.

Make sure to go for waterproof string lights. They are perfect for illuminating your backyard in the evening, especially when it’s drizzling or raining.

6. Designing Tips: Use the Right Plants

Gardening is gaining a huge following during the pandemic. Thus, ride the tide by growing some vegetables in your backyard.

Be sure to pick the plants that will also look great in your yard. Also, consider the climate in your area. This is crucial in terms of your plants’ survival.

Native plants are excellent for beginners. You may also take a peek at what your neighbor is growing in their yard. From there, ask for some tips on how to start your garden.

7. Mind the Scale and Pacing

Last but not least, consider the scale and pacing of your backyard. These two elements are the keys to creating a well-designed yard. They ensure that nothing looks out of place.

To pull this off, you want to focus on striking a balance between new elements and repetition. The new elements will help your yard stand out from the rest. Meanwhile, the repetition factor will provide a sense of cohesion.

Go Beyond Backyard Designing Tips and Techniques

By following these backyard designing tips, you can create a new outdoor living experience for your friends and relatives to enjoy. You can also add to your home’s beauty and increase your property’s value.

However, learning how to style your backyard is only a start. Check out our other articles where we discuss different home improvement projects you can take on today.


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