5 Landscaping Industry Trends to Watch

5 Landscaping Industry Trends to Watch

While the UK has long been known for its beautiful outdoor spaces, landscaping in the US is a $99 billion industry.

Lawn care, landscape design, and landscape construction all fall within this nearly trillion-dollar sector. And with so many Americans taking advantage of these kinds of services, it's no wonder the industry is doing so well.

As with every well-performing industry, there are trends you need to be watching for in 2019. That way, your landscape design will definitely keep up with the Jones.'

Ready to find out our top 5 landscaping industry trends of 2019? Then keep reading.

1. Fuss-Free Landscaping

You don't have to be a gardening expert to love good looking landscape design. That's why so many people are hiring professionals like Cherry Oak Landscaping to both build their landscape design and maintain it for years to come.

Another aspect of the fuss-free landscaping trend is using native and/or drought-tolerant plants in the design. These plants usually require less work on your part. Plus, these plants usually grow using less water, which means your beautiful back yard is also saving you money.

2. Tech Integrations

As with most industries today, technology is going to play a huge roll in landscaping this year and for years to come. From battery-powered landscaping equipment to robotic lawnmowers, technology is about to take over the landscaping industry.

3. Multifunctional Design

Especially popular with landscaping-lovers in the big city, multifunctional landscape designs are more requested than ever before. Multifunctional doesn't just mean an outdoor eating area incorporated into your landscape design, though.

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For example, rock retaining walls can double as seating for your outdoor dining area. Or your favorite herb garden can be guided to grow up a trellis that doubles as a fence to keep out nosy neighbors. You can even disguise your outdoor speakers as rocks to line your flower beds.

4. Hidden Gardens

The landscaping industry has recently experienced a boom in requests for hidden or secluded spaces. Whether its a quiet reading spot screened in by shrubs or a secret gazebo hidden amid your flowering trees, you can now create your own secret garden.

5. Pollinator Gardens

With many communities experiencing shortages of pollinators due to habitat loss, many landscaping industry customers have recognized the benefits of a pollinator garden. A pollinator garden is well-suited to serve as a habitat for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

As a bonus, some governments and local organizations offer grants to cover the cost of your pollinator garden project. For instance, the Pollinator Project offers $1000 seed grants for sustainable pollinator gardens.

The Best in the Landscaping Industry

When you decide on the landscaping industry trends you want to incorporate in your outdoor space, you need to choose the best landscapers in the industry. Make sure their idea of the perfect landscaping fits well with yours and watch the outdoor space of your dreams become a reality.

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