How to Update an Old Kitchen on a Budget

Uncovered Kitchen Countertops

One of the most high-traffic places in most homes is the kitchen. It is where cooking, washing, and sometimes, eating and meaningful discussions usually take place.

Hence, being able to always keep the kitchen tidy and updated should be a priority for every homeowner for the best house designs.

And if you are on a budget, you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your old kitchen in good shape. All it takes is a bit of dexterity and creativity thatwillenable you to upgrade your kitchen without burning your pocket.

Updating Your Old Kitchen on a Budget

In this article, you’ll learn some awesome tips on how to update your old kitchen on a budget.

This will enable you to have a radiant, comfortable, and luxurious-looking kitchen.

Enhance Your Kitchen Storage

To modernize your old kitchen, try open shelving. This process is made possible when you use open floating shelves to replace the upper cabinets.

This type of shelving will enable you to show off your kitchenware collection, where you can display the stacks of dishes that you use regularly.

It also makes it easy for you to reach your dishes and put them where they belong in a more convenient and organized manner — whilegivingyouan extra storage space to store your cookbooks and other important kitchen items.

Replace Your Hardware

You might think that your cabinet handles don’t add to your kitchen’s aesthetics,but try replacing them and take a good look at your kitchen afterward — you’ll realize the degree of upgrade you’ve been able to achieve.

Endeavor to change your cabinet handles and drawer pulls.Alternatively, simply spray them if you cannot afford a total change.

Faucets also add a distinctive character to your kitchen. Try to replace a short faucet with a tall one. For a country look, consider a copper tap or one with white ceramic handles; for a contemporary feel, install a stainless steel design or a distinctive black one to make a real statement.

Alternatively, you can change your faucet to a bold mixed metal statement for extra character andaesthetics.

Refine Your Kitchen’s Appearance and Style with Elegance

Modernize your kitchen by adding a touch of elegance and radiance to it. Add a piece of art for a playful personality in the kitchen.

You can make the way artworks are displayed distinctive by hanging some on the wall and propping other pieces casually against it for an informal feel. Place a lamp on the counter, get a rack, then hang your copper pots and pans, napkins and spoons, and other kitchen utensils on the rack.

You can also get an antique mirror and hang it in your kitchen for extra elegance.

Paint Your Walls and Work Surfaces

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can decide to have fun by painting your kitchen and work surfaces all by yourself; however, ensure that you thoroughly clean the surfaces before painting. This is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to give the kitchen a refreshing look.

Also, you can add a new color to your wall. This can either be white, gray, lemon green, or any color that catches your fancy.

If your wooden cabinets are still in good shape, repaint them with any color of your choice. Vintage color is a nice pick.

Having a kitchen with a cream or white background will enable you to paint your cabinets in any of the latest colors available. This can be vibrant and bold blue or a dark modern black finish to cover up outdated wood and shabby-colored cabinets. Don’t forget to paint the door and window frames too as they are equally important.

Replace Your Worktops with New Ones

Workspaces have a huge impact on the look and overall feel of your kitchen. Modern options for workspaces are endless. The options range from solid surfacing varieties that consist of resin and polymers to natural stone varieties such as marble, wood, and granite.

Laminate is another affordable option you can consider for your worktop. It is durable, easier to maintain, and gives your kitchen a modernized look.


Your old kitchen might not be as bad as it looks. You might just need to clear the clutter. Ensure that you recycle or donate items that you no longer need. Then organize the remaining items accordingly by arranging the plates in line with their sizes and types in the kitchen cabinets.

Also, make a rack out of bed slats that you no longer use by arranging pans, tea towels, and big spoons on them.

De-cluttering will make your kitchen look spacier and enable you to adequately maximize your workspace.

Add Seating

Your kitchen is a very busy area; hence, you might need stools or chairs. Give your old kitchen a modern look by adding seating. This could be countertop stools and seats at a breakfast bar or a banquette or bench at a window-side table seating.

Improve Your Lighting

Kitchen lighting is essential for safety, tone, and versatility. To update your old kitchen on a budget, look for a modern and cheap lighting fixture.

Replace bulb lights with pendants, and hang one big pendant light to unify your kitchen. However, note that too many pendant lights might make your kitchen look too dated.

A chandelier can also add beauty and luxury to your kitchen; therefore, choose a type that matches your kitchen’s decor.

If you already have an overhead ambient lighting fixture installed, thenconsider looking into recessed lighting for a modern illumination source. LED lights are budget-friendly options for kitchen lighting.

You can place them in strategic places to illuminate and add a shiny radiance to your countertop and every part of the kitchen, particularly during nighttime. You can also mount a dramatic pendant over the sink for more illumination if you care.

Final Words

Aside from the aforementioned tips, there are other amazing ways to upgrade your kitchen on a budget. However, the ones discussed therein are the most vital tips to consider.


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