Here’s Why You Should Opt For Home UPS Battery

Here's Why You Should Opt For Home UPS Battery

The biggest reason why most Indian households need a home UPS battery is due to insufficient power supply in small towns and villages or frequent power outages. Well, modern life cannot function smoothly without electricity; a home ups battery is the best backup solution to keep everything from lights, TVs, and refrigerators to microwaves, and computers running. A UPS inverter system is an electronic device that converts direct current to alternating current. It is advisable to check the ups battery price online and then make your purchase.

A battery is an integral component of the power backup system and is responsible for the good performance and long life of your inverter.There are various brands that offers a hufe selection of batteries at affordable UPS battery price.

Here’s why you should opt for a home UPS/inverter battery:

  1. Protection Against Power Outages

A power outage is a common problem across India. A bad thunderstorm or a car crash or a transformer trip in your locality can cause a blackout. One of the important reasons for buying a home UPS battery is that it offers protection and provides backup in case of a power failure. Once the power outage has occurred, the inverterstarts drawing DC power from battery and converts it to AC power, which is fed to the load connected. This way, it offers a high level of protection for every electrical device in your home.

  1. Protection of the connected load devices: Most inverters are equipped with Fuse/MCB which gets blown/trip during a sudden voltage spike. Thus protecting all the connected load devices from sudden voltage spikes.

Types of UPS Battery

There are three types of UPS batteries found in the market. The UPS battery price depends majorly depends on efficiency and performance.

  1. GEL Battery

Similar to conventional lead-acid batteries, GEL batteries have silica incorporated inside. Deep cycle lead-acid GEL batteries are robustly designed and do not require much maintenance, making them an ideal choice for UPS inverters. The GEL batteries are sealed, valve-controlled, and environmentally friendly, and fully stable.

  1. Tubular Plate Battery

You will find that a tubular plate battery is identical to any lead-acid battery when looking for the best inverter battery, and positive and negative plates connect it. Here, although the negative plates are flat, the arrangement of the positive plate is tubular. These UPS inverter batteries have a tubular support structure around the reactive chemicals, ensuring that the receptive component remains in place during the battery life. They can be further divided into two types—Short Tubular Battery and Tall Tubular Battery.

  1. Flat Plate Battery

Like every other lead-acid battery that is made of positive and negative plates, a flat plate inverter battery also has two components. Because of its geometric shape, the battery is known as a flat plate. The form of the plates of this UPS battery is flat.

Invest in a Comprehensive UPS Battery System for Your Home

These are some of the reasons that will help you buy the right and suitable Home UPS battery. Reputable brands like Luminous offer some of the best UPS batteries, for instance, Luminous Zelio 1100 Inverter and RC18000 150Ah Tubular Battery,and it come with smart features such as- digital display, intelligent 32-bit DSP Processor Battery and USP. It offers protection against overload, deep discharge, and short circuit. It is always advised to buy the battery of the same make as that of the inverter to avoid any service related issues. You can purchase a home UPS battery system according to your power needs.


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