What You Can Do During COVID-19 Lockdowns Around The House to Improve Your Quality of Life

During COVID-19 Lockdowns

The world has changed immensely due to COVID-19 with people’s jobs, lives, and health all being impacted. Social distancing is something that if mentioned in 2019 would have been something nobody could have imagined. Lockdowns have taken a toll on people mentally as substance abuse has run rampant. Alcohol distributors are scrambling for aluminum cans. They have to find new avenues to find cans for beer as alcohol consumption increased enormously. You can take this time to improve your quality of life around the home. The following are things that you can do to improve your quality of life during COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing restrictions. 

Use Your Extra Time on a Side Gig

There might be extra time that you have due to the elimination of your commute. A number of people are working remotely which can be tough for those that thrive on social interaction. Using your extra time to take up a side gig is a perfect way to occupy your time. Find a side gig that allows you to earn while doing something that you enjoy. A copywriter for a law firm might pick up a gig that allows them to write about sports or relationship advice. Assessing your skills is essential during this process as there are so many ways to earn online. The one aspect to keep in mind is to not let your side gig impact your performance at your full-time job. Being able to come out of this pandemic more financially stable than before will improve your quality of life immensely. Stress from financial problems can impact mental health negatively which will be washed away with income from your side gig. 

Start Meditating Daily

People are as stressed as ever as they not only have to work from home but have to make sure their children are learning at home. The lack of stress release is something that you need to deal with in a healthy manner. Meditation can allow you to put the negative and positive aspects of your day into perspective. You can even invest in a small meditation shed that you can put on your property. Some people might not know how to meditate which is completely fine. There is guided meditation available on YouTube that can help you get a feel for things. You would be surprised as to how meditating daily impacts your overall mood and mindset.

Stay on Top of Home Maintenance 

Falling behind on home maintenance can no longer be excused as you are going to be home quite a bit. The lawn is one part of home maintenance that you can stay on top of easily. Failure to do this might require professional help as grass can be too high for certain mowers to cut. 

You might have never gotten around to pressure washing your garage, pool deck, or driveway. Pressure washing takes time to do correctly and you need to invest in a top of the line pressure washer. Hotsy Equipment company, a top provider of pressure washers notes,”Using a commercial pressure washer can allow you to clean large areas quickly. A commercial pressure washer can easily cut through dirt and grime that has built up over the years.” Hotsy also offers detergents that will make pressure washing far more efficient. 

Start Exercising at Home By Creating a Home Gym 

Fitness fanatics around the country are dying to get back into the gym once it is safe to do so. Exercising at home is possible for a number of people as fitness equipment is not bulky in all cases. A stationary bike at home can allow you to get in that cardio workout that you dread doing at the gym. Taking this on in the morning with a cup of coffee while watching the news or clearing work emails is wise. You might find that by distracting yourself that you are able to go for longer on the bike or treadmill. Exercising in silence without distraction takes far more intrinsic motivation. Take a look online as fitness equipment is widely available whether you want it new or used. Used equipment that functions is a far better deal as you can purchase it at a fraction of the cost. 

Keeping yourself busy during this time and refraining from watching the news will improve your quality of life. The world will return to normal at some point but until then, make sure you are taking care of yourself. 


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