Why Pregnancy Smoothies are Important for You and Your Growing Baby

Pregnancy Smoothies are Important for You and Your Growing Baby

Pregnancy is one of the most important times in a person’s life to eat healthily. You want to get as many essential nutrients as possible. Nutrients like folic acid, vitamin B12, and potassium are all important for healthy DNA synthesis, muscle-building, and support overall nutrition for you and your baby. But you might be asking why pregnancy smoothies specifically are so important. We’ll explain it all.

1. They’re an Easy Way to Get the Nutrition You Need

Smoothies are a convenient way to pack in fruits and vegetables while you’re on the go. But you probably don’t want to go to the smoothie shop by your house; most premade smoothies have more sugar and fillers than actual nutrients. If you can manage it, homemade is best. Making your own smoothies makes it easy to add what you need most and might not be getting enough of in the rest of your diet. Pregnant people still have lives and have a lot of daily demands to juggle, so maximizing your time and energy is a big deal.

2. They Can Help With Nausea

Pregnant people are no strangers to morning sickness and nausea. But a girl’s still gotta eat! With a smoothie, it’s easy to add ingredients like ginger to help with nausea. Smoothies are also easy on the stomach, and you can sip them slowly. You can use fruit, which is easy to digest, for the main ingredients and slip in stronger-tasting things that might not sound nice for your stomach right now, but that your body still needs, without even noticing a change in taste. Maybe yogurt or spinach sounds nauseating to you, but you can easily sneak a little bit into a smoothie and get the nutrition you need.

3. They Can Help You Deal With Cravings

When you’re pregnant, you can go from fine to extremely hangry very quickly. Which makes sense; your eating habits are going through a lot. Nuts and seeds, especially flax and hemp seeds, have lots of fiber and protein to help you feel full. Keeping yourself satisfied can help you manage cravings without them taking control.

4. Smoothies Make it Easy to Integrate New Foods into Your Diet

Pregnant people tend to pay more attention to their diet than most people. You might be getting recommendations from your healthcare providers to eat foods that aren’t familiar to you. This can feel overwhelming. Instead of completely revamping your eating habits (you have enough going on right now as it is), throwing some of those ingredients into a smoothie can be an easy solution. It’s a simple way to get what you need without drastically changing what your plate looks like.

Smoothies are known as a health food, but they can be even better for pregnant people. If you integrate them into your pregnancy diet, you might end up loving them so much, you’ll integrate them into your post-pregnancy diet. You might even introduce them to your baby someday.


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