Canned Wine to Try in the New Year

Canned Wines

Wine is a perfectly natural drink made from grapes juice and its original fermentation in wooden barrels. That is something everyone knows. You may not know that traditional wine bottles may not fit the new era. It’s because 2021 could be the year of the canned wines

Most people are always on the go and need to have individual packages of everything they consume. Wine has been a perishable item that was difficult to find in personal size. Some smaller wine bottles only contained a glass of wine, but bottles were still not as convenient to carry as cans.

Today many wine manufacturers have presented the market with exceptional canned wines in 330ml cans. Some of the most flavorous ones include:

1-Bev California Wine

That is the most incredible and delicious wine you can find in the market. It comes in smaller cans that you can open when you feel like having some wine. Bev California uses only grapes coming from Napa Valley. You can choose between the rose, white, and red wine produced domestically. The cans are easy to recycle and provide you with the famous Californian wines’ fresher edition. Younger people love to drink these individually packed wines since they are trendy and can make you look cool!

2-Pampelone Sparkling Wine

Even though they are more expensive than the traditional canned wines, Pampelone Sparkling Wine is the most elegant drink you can offer to your guests. The famous Italian sparkling wines manufacturer has managed to enclose the freshest of its wines in aluminum cans. The best sparkling wines to taste are the Rose and Blood Orange Spritz variations. Most people drink such wines as an aperitif before dinner and even accompany them with a fruit dish. 

3-House Wine

 If you want to enjoy a flavorful canned wine produced in Washington, House Wine is the best choice. It comes in 250ml cans and offers you delicious freshly canned wines when you feel like consuming them. House Wines come in three distinct variations (Brut, Rose, and Sauvignon) to match any kind of food you would like to enjoy. Other people prefer to drink them neatly or with some finger food. No matter what is the particular way you want to drink these wines, keep in mind that they are always delicious and aromatic!

4-Kim Crawford Wine

Kim Crawford has been a famous winemaker for over a decade. 2021 would be the very first year for launching the canned wines. He is taking grapes and fermenting his wines in private barrels. Most of the grapes come from the famous Napa Valley in California. The secret of keeping it fresh is that he prefers the fermentation to get completed after the wine gets canned. You can try either the Rose, Blanc or Red varieties and admire the exceptional work wine scientists do at Kim Crawford wineries.

5-Babe Rose Wine

The world of sparkling wine has finally met its original representative. The Babe Rose Wine remains one of the best marketed canned wines you can find virtually anywhere in the world. People who have tried it believe it has even better quality than the bottled ones. You may always choose the portion you like to consume and have it chilled at the right temperature. The aluminum can is neutral to the wine particles and makes fermentation an easy task. Babe Rose Wine would be ideal for younger people that want to consume wine in style!


There is no evidence that canned wine has a lower quality than the bottled one. Marketing made it easy for wine companies to advertise the new canned wine equal to the other forms. If you like wine, you will be thrilled by the comfort and style canned wine gives to consumers!



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