How To Use Gmail Effectively To Become More Productive

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Email management and productivity are inextricably related to each other. If you do not follow proper email management tips, you might not be able to increase your productivity. Well, Gmail is one of the most popular service providers in 2021. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can use Gmail effectively to become more productive and how to clean up Gmail inbox. So, don’t skip the following tips.

Always Use Canned Messages: You probably have your own set of messages. You generally write these emails again and again in order to reply to the business letters. It is undoubtedly very time-consuming and this is why Gmail has built-in canned replies. You can use these pre-written messages to reply to your emails. You can also add your own customized canned responses. The best part is that you can send canned messages in just a few clicks and thus, it will help you to become more effective. In order to enable this feature, you will have to go to Settings and then click on ‘Advanced’. After that, you will see Canned Responses. Click on it and you will find the enable option.

Don’t Forget To Enable The Keyboard Shortcuts: If you want to save a lot of time for yourself, you should enable this feature. This service provider offers keyboard shortcuts through which you can do a lot of things by pressing a single key. For example, if you want to compose a new email, you will have to press C on your keyboard. However, the best part is that you can customize these shortcut keys. In order to enable this feature, you will have to go to Settings and then, you will find ‘Advanced’. Click on it and you will see Custom keyboard shortcuts and then you will find the enable option.

Enable Smart Compose: Gmail smart compose is another great option that will definitely enhance your productivity. It is a kind of smart predictive feature that will sense what the user is going to write. It will complete the word or phrase for you. The predictive text will appear in grey and you can see this while writing. If you want Gmail to complete your sentence, you will have to press the Tab button on your keyboard. If you have a very busy schedule or if you are someone who has to send a lot of emails daily, this feature will be ideal for you.

Utilize The Gmail Task Feature: Well, if you want to keep your inbox organized, you should start using this feature. The Gmail task feature allows you to create your own to-do list. It will appear on the side of the screen and therefore, you will never miss a single task. You will never miss any important email and your productivity, as well as performance, will be improved.

Along with these, you can install some extensions to increase your effectiveness. For example, you can use Checker Plus for Gmail that will give you pop-up notifications on your desktop or laptop. Also, if you want to have your inbox clean and organized, it is recommended that you write less messages and use a voice messenger app instead. This will save you time and distract you less from important letters.

By now, you know how you can use Gmail effectively to become more productive. So, what are you waiting for? Start following these tips today.

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