HughesNet Bundle Plans & Packages in 2021


Are you living in a rural area and worried about not having a good internet connection? Don’t fret about that anymore because HughesNet got you covered. It is a satellite internet service provider that offers services even at the remotest locations as long as the southern sky is clearly visible from your house and no huge trees or buildings are surrounding the place. Since it does not require any wires coming into your house, and a satellite dish is installed as a medium to transfer signals, it can be installed anywhere you want.

With HughesNet, you will get a download speed of up to 25 Mbps and an upload speed of up to 3 Mbps that is delivered through its Gen5 technology. This ensures that you have a stable internet connection and the downtime is as low as possible. Moreover, there is no other download speed option as HughesNet plans are based on data, not the difference of download speed. However, this is a good speed for working from home, watching movies, surfing the web, or paying your bills, especially when you do not have any other good options available such as cable internet or fiber optics. Let’s have a look at HughesNet plans and packages to see what they have to offer.

HughesNet Internet Plans

For internet services, HughesNet offers four data plans that are used and preferred by customers based on their data usage. As mentioned earlier, HughesNet internet service provides a download speed of up to 25 Mbps, and the plans differ based on data, customers go for the data plan that suits their needs and goes well with their budget.

10 GB Data Plan

This is the most basic data plan with HughesNet through which customers get 10 GB of data every month. In case someone uses all the data before the month ends, HughesNet reduces the download speed to 1-3 Mbps and keeps the customer connected. In case someone wants to have more data once they have used everything, they can also purchase data coupons which cost additional money based on data purchased and added to the account.

This is a suitable plan for those who need the internet to send and receive emails, surf the web, browse social media timelines, and stay connected to their loved ones.

20 GB Data Plan

For those customers who are looking to have internet services for the family but there is no extensive usage, a 20 GB service plan is a good choice for them. With this plan, customers get 20 GB of data every month. Once that is used, as per the policy, HughesNet reduces the download speed but does not charge any extra amount.

This is also a good plan for single users who would be working from during Covid and would like to get good internet service.

30 GB Data Plan

A 30 GB data plan is a good choice for those customers who want to have more data for the family and use the internet for working from home and video calls. This plan costs $99.99 per month while there are no extra charges for going over the data limit.

50 GB Data Plan.

For those customers who wish to get the maximum amount of data as their work requires frequent video calls with clients or sharing huge files, a 50 GB data plan is the most suitable choice. This plan offers more data but it costs more as well. For those who are interested, this plan costs $149.99 per month.

Just like other plans, if the customers run out of data, they can either add data coupons or they will have to stay at a lower download speed for the remaining days of the month. If we also include the bonus time zone data, then there is a total data of 100 GB, so you can schedule some of the stuff during that time as well.

Bonus Time-Zone and Additional Data with HughesNet Internet Packages

As for additional plan perks, HughesNet offers a bonus time zone with all the internet plans. This bonus zone is from 2-8 am every day and customers get 50GB per month that can be used during this time. If you want to download something or need to share some huge file with your colleague, this would be the best time to do so as this does not cost any additional amount, and neither does it affect your regular monthly data, unless you go over the 50 GB limit.

HughesNet Internet and Voice bundles

HughesNet offers voice services as well which can be bundled with the HughesNet internet for $29.99 per month. With voice service, customers get unlimited local and long-distance calling. That in turn saves a lot on the monthly phone bills and mobile service charges. So, if you are looking for phone service as well, it would be a perfect opportunity for you to get the internet and the phone services together from the same service provider.


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