The Top Themed Online Bingo Rooms Right Now!

The Top Themed Online Bingo Rooms Right Now

The joy of the classic Bingo game has been brought to the digital world thanks to Online Cricket Betting ID. And along with it, we’ve seen the creation of wonderful online themed Bingo rooms, that add bonus features, colourful graphics and a special atmosphere to the fun of the game. But where do you start? Read on to find out the current favourites in themed Bingo rooms, that you can play on your device!

Cash Cubes Bingo Room

A colourful and unique 36-ball version of Bingo, the Cash Cubes games will have you celebrating everything about shapes. In this online Bingo game, the ticket consists of four squares surrounding by trapezoids, which contain the 12 numbers. When your numbers are called, the correct numbered shape on your ticket will turn yellow. And when all the numbers surrounding a cube are called, it will shatter and reveal the colour that matches the type of ticket purchased. The cube will then fall into place at the bottom of your ticket and be added to your Cube Collection. Continue to play and add to your Cube Collection to be in with a chance to win a bonus prize, the amount of which depends on the colour of the cubes collected.

In each Bingo game, there’s the chance to win the 4 Cubes prize (House/Bingo) which is awarded to the first person who sees all four squares shatter and fall to the bottom of their ticket – essentially having all their numbers called out.

Cash Cubes also offers its players the opportunity to buy four different types of tickets, with varying prices to suit your budget. When it comes to the game’s prizes, there is a minimum guaranteed amount, but this is increased based on the number of tickets bought per game, so the more the merrier!

Rainbow Riches Bingo Room

Bask in the green glow of the Emerald Isle with Rainbow Riches Bingo! In this game, one strip consists of five tickets – with each ticket displaying its numbers on the leaves of a clover. The more tickets purchased the bigger the prize pot – just like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you could say.

There are two prizes up for grabs in this game. The first is the one Clover prize, which is exactly what the name suggest – have all four numbers in a single clover on your ticket called. The second is the House prize, which like a traditional game of Bingo, is won by the first person who has all the numbers called on each section of the clover leaves on their ticket. Plus, there’s the possibility for more than one player to win and share each of these prizes, and that the same player can win them more than once too!

Watch out for the leprechaun, as his movement on the rainbow determines who wins the Rainbow Riches Jackpot Prize, and how much is won. He moves every time a Rainbow Clover has been drawn in a game, and depending if he is on the 10th, 25th or 50th step of the rainbow means that Bronze, Silver or Gold prize pots are awarded, respectively. If the leprechaun passes over or lands on the corresponding step in the rainbow, and you bought at least one ticket for that game, you’ll win a share of the Jackpot prize pot.


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