How to Prevent Substance Addictions From Taking Over Your Life

How to Prevent Substance Addictions From Taking Over Your Life

Addiction is a medical condition that comes with some dangerous consequences. It tears off families and often breaks trust. It causes pain for not only the addict but also friends and family. Find how to prevent substance addictions from taking over your life.

Luckily, there’s good news. Substance addicts can still turn their lives around and get back to normal. But, that comes with a price. This includes taking the right decisions and sticking to them, no matter how difficult the journey to recovery gets. 

If you or someone you love is battling with addiction, understand that there’s always hope at the end of that dark tunnel. The following guide to prevent substance addictions helps you deal with demons like craving and relapse that come along with addiction. 

The Very First Step To Overcome Substance Addiction 

Addiction to certain drugs or alcohol is neither a sign of weakness nor a bad character. However, it takes a strong character to overcome this problem. 

Abusing drugs make chemical changes in the brain and this leads to powerful cravings and compulsions over time. At some point, sobriety may look like an impossible goal to the abuser. 

But, recovery is never too far. No matter how bad the situation is, you can fully recover with the help of proper drug alcohol addiction treatment, support and mindset.

The most challenging step to prevent substance addictions is always the first one — recognizing that you have an addiction problem, and you have to overcome it. 

It is completely normal to be unsure about the situation at first. And it’s okay if you don’t know where to start. All you have to do is to change the following things to commit to sobriety. 

  • Dealing with anxiety 
  • Perception of self 
  • Your hobbies (things you do when you’re free) 
  • Your medications 
  • Your friend circle 

You may feel uncomfortable to avoid your friend circle (the one you mostly share and use the substance with) or give up the drug (prescribed) that treats your medical condition. 

But, drug treatment needs dedication and commitment to change. With time, support and encouragement, addiction can be kept at bay. 

Change Is Always Positive

You have to keep positive perceptions about the change. It is the only thing that can get you back to a normal and substance-free life. 

Follow the mentioned steps as a part of your step-by-step journey towards recovery. 

  • Think about your family, work, finances and how the drugs affect these things. Note when and how much substance you take. 
  • Check good and bad things about quitting. Ask yourself if continuing the drug use is really beneficial. 
  • Evaluate how much you spend on drugs every week. 
  • Check if anything else is stopping you from changing. 

Find Treatments For Addiction 

Once you make up your mind to change the situation, the next step is to get the right recovery treatment. 

Many recovery centers suggest treatments based on the drug you use. It often involves various elements, such as: 

  • Long-term follow-up 
  • Behavioral counseling 
  • Medication 
  • Detoxification
  • Support groups 
  • Outpatient treatment 
  • Inpatient treatment 

Note that everyone’s needs are different. Therefore, the same treatment doesn’t work for all. It must be customized to your condition, and that is what the right treatment program means.

Make Most of Your Treatment Plan 

There’s a secret to go through the recovery program with ease — don’t ride it alone. Involve your friends and family on the journey. It leaves the much needed positive impact. 

Participate in a 12-step support group and make those meetings a priority. When you spend time with people with the same experiences and feelings, it promotes healing. Share your experiences to teach them something new and learn from them as well. 

Build a strong and drugs-free social network. Try to join a new class, learn a new musical instrument, join church, civic groups, or attend social events near you. 

You can also consider moving to sober living homes that offer support and safety. This can be a deal-breaker in case you do not have a stable residence or drug-free environment. 

Keep Your Eyes on Triggers And Cravings 

The journey of recovery doesn’t just end when you get sober. Even though you look calm on the surface, your brain keeps rebuilding the things that were changed at the time of drug use. 

And, this may lead to intense triggers. You can do the following to avoid going back to drugs. 

  • Be extra cautious with prescription drugs 
  • Avoid going to clubs, bars, or parties
  • Keep the friends (those who use drugs) away 
  • Do not hide your history with drugs when seeking any medical treatment 

Final Thoughts 

Substance addiction can make your life worse than ever and can even lead to grave depression. Finding the right support and treatment is the key to overcome it. However, your will power is the king of this game. 

It’s all about how positively you see the change and stick with it. For a better life, do something you like, such as adopting a pet, spending time in nature, gymming, etc. 

Understand that recovery is not the destination but a journey. It takes commitment — especially during tough times. Find support from your loved ones, people with the same issues, and know that you still need it. 

If you need help, contact us. We would love to help you!


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