What is a microfiber cloth and how should I use it to clean my home?

What is a microfiber clothes and how should I use it to clean my home?

Cleaning is something each of us needs to do on a regular basis to make our homes look cozy and prolong the life of the furniture and equipment. However, irresponsible cleaning with inappropriately chosen detergents and cleaning cloths may do a lot of harm. How is that possible? Which types of cloth should I select? Is microfiber clothes better than some regular wiping cloths? How do I wash microfiber clothes?

Cleaning microfiber clothes is really important

While selecting a cleaning cloth for household use, many of us look for all-purpose solutions suitable for multiple use. Although products such as special wet wipes for different kinds of surfaces are becoming more and more popular each year, this solution is detrimental to the natural environment, relatively expensive and can damage delicate surfaces. The latter also refers to popular scourers, regular cleaning cloths, dishtowels and paper towels.

The solution which is now one of the most popular among housewives and professional cleaners is a microfiber cleaning cloth. This type of wipers is suitable for all kinds of surfaces from wooden furniture to stainless steel and glass. You can also use it to wipe your car after washing as well as to keep windows and mirrors looking spotless.

What is a microfiber cloth?

Microfiber is a type of fabric made of plastic. It often consists of polyester combined with polyamide or nylon. The structure of the material is heterogenous and provides users with more fiber surfaces that can be used to clean. The fabric is therefore highly porous and soft at the same time. The material makes dirt stay locked inside and holds grease, liquids and bacteria.

Touching microfiber cloths from different brands we can really feel the difference. Some cloths which at first glance look like classic microfiber, may, in fact, not be suitable for house cleaning. To provide you with the best cleaning performance, the best household microfiber cleaning cloth should be less than 1 denier. Unfortunately, determining the fabric density with the human eye is not possible.

The advantages of microfiber clothes

Microfiber cleaning cloths have a variety of pros that make cleaning much easier. Firstly, the fabric is super absorbent and can help you clean all kinds of surfaces, including the most delicate ones like glass. Secondly, it leaves no scratches and does not require chemicals. Thanks to the structure with split fibers, the cloth can pick up dirt without additional cleaning products. What is more, it absorbs water and prevents corrosion, which is important in cleaning steel surfaces.

If you wondering how to clean microfiber cloths, there is nothing easier to do. Just wash them in your washing machine with other microfiber products e.g. cleaning cloths or floor mop heads. Be careful not to mix them with cotton fabrics since microfiber can grab on to the lint. You can also tumble dry your microfiber cleaning cloths in low heat. One single wiper can be washed and dried up to 500 times!


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