The Best Luxury Travel Trailers

Luxury Travel Trailers

You have finally decided to invest in a camper and hit the open road. You have the right vehicle to tow it, and You have a list as long as your arm of the places you can’t wait to camp. Find the best luxury travel trailers.

You know you want a luxurious travel trailer that has every comfort of home. You don’t want any of those mini “canned ham” style campers with no bathroom or shower, that require you to use communal campground bathhouses. 

You know what you don’t want, but have you thought about the features that you definitely do want to look for in luxury travel trailers? Here is a list of the important features that make a true luxury travel trailer, and the best trailers to provide them.

Power Supply

Traditionally, campers have required an outside power source. This could be a direct power line at a campground, an inverter off of the tow vehicles alternator, or a generator. Luxury travel trailers will have an internal power supply that can run them, at least temporarily. 

The best travel trailers will have a battery that runs the equipment, for a reasonable period of time. No one wants to lose their air conditioning while sleeping in a metal box in central Florida in July, so you want a battery system that is capable of keeping your ac running.

Fit and Finish

Campers typically look very bland. No one walks into a traditional travel trailer and takes design notes for their homes. 

Luxury travel trailers should look like the interior of a private jet. There should be details like hand-stitched leather, fitted and sealed hardwood, and stainless steel appliances. 

The bedding in a traditional travel trailer is typically a sealed foam pad. Luxury travel trailers should have upgraded bedding, with a comfortable and supportive mattress.

Instead of Plastic lined shower stalls, expect teak and stainless steel in a luxury trailer. 

Build and Exterior

Luxury travel trailers have to be fantastic inside, but should also look amazing on the outside, and should be easy to pull. The best luxury travel trailers will have details like full cowling made of polished aluminum, and shatterproof polycarbonate windows.

These luxury trailers should tow well. A strong suspension to reduce road bounce through the trailer tongue is a great start. 

The drive can be further improved by having a lower deck, which will reduce wind drag and lessen the bounce height. The best thing a trailer can do to make travel easier is to have a low tongue weight.

The heavier a trailer is, the harder it is to tow. The heaviest travel trailers will require a very large towing vehicle, perhaps even a purpose purchased truck that is used for nothing but your trailer.

Having a trailer that can be towed by some smaller vehicles gives you flexibility, but also dramatically increases your fuel economy. This can make a huge environmental impact. In addition to economy, many larger trailers use gooseneck hitches which actually require the modification of your vehicle in order to tow them.

The lightest of luxury trailers can even be towed by a total-electric vehicle. The best trailers, like the Bowlus Endless Highways, can actually put a small charge on your EV in a pinch, which can be the difference between being stuck on the side of the road or making it to your destination.

To summarize, the best luxury travel trailers will have all the comforts of home. These trailers should be comfortable to live in, and easy to tow. They will have the adequate power supply for all of your devices, and they should look fantastic.


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