How to Choose Your First Dab Rig Kit

Dab Rig Kit

Almost two hundred million people smoke cannabis worldwide, and that number is rising every day.

Recreational THC use is getting legalized in more states in America, allowing more people to be introduced to it and explore it in all its many facets. 

If you are looking to simply smoke cannabis flower, you’re better off with a bong or pipe. But, if you’re interested in THC concentrates, also known as dabs, it’s time to look for a dab rig kit.

This is a popular and efficient way to smoke THC, so there are many different kinds of dab rigs to choose from. Read on to learn how to choose your first dab rig kit to get the best dabbing experience.

Check for Quality

Even if it’s your first dab rig, you’ll want to find one that is high-quality. If you skimp on the quality, your dab rig might crack from the heat, which is both unsafe and inconvenient.

The base of most dab rigs is made with borosilicate glass, which is very sturdy and can withstand extremely high temperatures.

We’ll explore the tools you’ll need below, but make sure that your tools are all high-quality as well. Though it’s pricier, it’s worth it to have safe tools that you know will work properly. 

Explore Different Designs

Because dabbing has become so popular, there are now many different dab rig designs that you can choose from. Some are very simple yet efficient, while others are more intense with their design to create a better user experience. 

The design can make all the difference. It isn’t too big or too fancy but has an efficient design that allows you to get the ultimate hit without it being too pricey. 

It’s essential to look at many different designs before deciding which one works for you. As yourself whether you want a big or small one, if portability matters, and how efficient you want your dab rig to be.

Consider Your Tools 

Many dab rig kits are separated by beginner and advanced. The best dab rig starter kit will include all the essential tools and provide the option to purchase extra tools separately. This will allow you to learn how to use your kit without getting overwhelmed.

The essential tools include the Quartz Dab Nail, also known as the Banger, which is where you put the concentrates to heat them up. You will also need a small blow torch, a dab tool to measure out your dabs, and some type of storage container.

After you get these tools, you can add accessories as you learn how to dab properly. 

A Dab Rig Kit for You

In order to find your first dab rig kit, check for high-quality materials, efficient designs, and the starter tools that you’ll need.

Though it can seem intimidating at first, dabbing is fairly simple and will give you a new way to use THC. You’ll be a dabbing pro in no time!

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