Suggested ways to enhance Security and Surveillance at your Workplace

enhance Security and Surveillance

Commencing and running a business is the most rewarding feeling one can have. Yet without right security and surveillance, you can put all your business and financial things at risk. The numbers are rising. As per a recent survey, employee theft costs around $50 billion every year, while customer theft amounts to $30 billion in total. This is why it is very important to enhance Security and Surveillance for your business and workplace. If you have no security system established and you want to set them up, then here are some proven ways to add security and surveillance at your business.

Install security cameras

Video surveillance systems and security cameras play a vital role in the safety of your business. You may not have the budget to hire 24-hour security guard or the time to keep an eye round the clock yourself, so security cameras are a simple and convenient option. They don’t just work as a deterrent from burglary but offer several other benefits too.

  • Low insurance expenses
  • Better productivity of employees
  • Enhanced safety
  • Resolving problems between customers and employees
  • Offering evidence for any legal matters.

Houston surveillance systems offer flexibility by permitting you to put cameras in high-risk areas and also to choose the kind of camera which suits your purpose such as wireless, wired, IP or CCTV.

Boost your cyber security

A lot of small business owners think of theft and vandalism with regard to surveillance and safety, but cyber threat is also a major issue here. Data breaching, phishing, Trojan attack and ransomware are some of the things which you need to deal with in the digital world. 

If your business has an online appearance, then you should install antivirus software, educate your staff or employees about prospective cyber-attacks and update them about hacking and scams.

Install good lighting

Good lighting also enhances you safety and surveillance at workplace. It works as a deterrent for vandals and burglars. You should address both exterior and interior lighting to enhance the deterrent rate. 

Bright lighting also makes the employee feel safe at night. Exterior lighting at parking lot prevents criminals from conducting crimes. Also with good lighting, your security cameras will capture everything clearly even at night.

Go for property inspection regularly

Whether strangers or known, criminals commit crimes depending on opportunity. If you have a hole or your backdoor doesn’t lock efficiently, a criminal can easily walk in. These are crimes occurring because of negligence on your part. Hence you should conduct regular inspection of your property.  

Check the entrance of your property and fences around to make sure they are in good condition. Also inspect the security camera system to know blind spots and the places where you need another camera to function as a deterrent.

By implementing these tips to enhance Security and Surveillance, you can secure your workplace from any sort of burglary or vandalism. At Dr. Computer Service & Security Camera Houston, we help people to boost their security measures by offering them with security camera options and surveillance tips.



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