Fruits High in Protein: Why Does Your Body Requires Protein?

Fruits High in Protein

The human body is always in need of protein. Your body requires this macronutrient to maintain bones, muscles, hair, nails, and blood healthy. So, it becomes essential for you to include high protein foods into your diet. And do that, we are here with all the fruits high in protein to add to your diet chart. So, keep scrolling down to know what the wondrous fruits that are rich in protein!

What is protein?

Before we tell you all the wondrous fruits high in protein, let us see why your body requires this macronutrient.

When you supply your body with sufficient protein, your body maintains and repairs tissues. It also reduces the chances of diabetes, boosts your immunity, and increases your fat-loss process.

Your body is regularly in requirement of protein. But the amount depends a lot on personal activities. USDA suggests that an average woman requires 49 grams of protein in one day. And a man with his regular activities needs around 56 grams per day.

Health Benefits of Protein

Protein is present in several foods like vegetables, fruits, milk, yogurt, eggs, and meat. So, it is essential to include the right foods into your diet to supply yourself with the right amount of protein.

Before we tell you in details the fruits high in protein, let us check out the health benefits of this macronutrient:

Helps in building Muscle Mass

Protein helps in building up muscle mass. When you lose weight, it is essential you keep track of your muscle mass. Losing weight and keeping your muscle mass intact can be difficult. So, it is vital for you to include protein in your diet.

Helps in Boosting Your Immunity

When you do not supply your body with protein sufficiently, your immunity becomes weak. So, it is vital you provide your diet chart with the perfect foods and in the right amounts.

With regular activities, a man needs to have 56 grams of protein. And a woman requires 49grams.

Helps Reduce Muscle Pain

When you are on a weight loss process, and you exercise regularly, your muscles start contracting. So, your body releases amino acids and energy to support the contractions. But it does not help in protein synthesis.

So, to recovery from the injuries, your body is in need of more protein. In that case, start including high protein foods to reduce the muscle soreness.

Increases Body Metabolism

When you are on a high protein diet, your body starts to increase your metabolism. It not only helps in increasing your muscle mass, calorie-burning process, and body metabolism.

Helps in Losing Weight

Protein can keep you full for long which implies you would munch on food much less. Moreover, you are burning fat and yet maintaining your lean muscle. So, include protein into your diet, and be sure to have muscle mass.

Reduces the chances of Diabetes

When you consume more amount of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, the chances of heart problems and diabetes reduces. You can get both these natural fats from beans, nuts, and fishes which are healthy protein sources. More so, you are supplying yourself with low amounts of processed meats too.

Fruits High in Protein

Now you know how crucial it is to include protein in your diet. So, it is obvious to look for high protein foods. You will indeed find several other foods rich in protein. ( But fruits are tasty and an easy inclusion in your diet.

The exact protein intake for a person depends a lot on their activity levels, age, weight, and height. However, your body regularly needs around 50 grams of protein. So, apart from all the other foods you consume, including the fruits high in protein. They are small and healthy snacks that can keep you away from munching on junk foods.

A balanced and healthy diet implies the inclusion of fruits high in protein, low in sugar. More so, fruits are rich sources of phytochemicals, vitamins, and fiber.

So, now that you how vital it is to include the fruits high in your diet, let us check what they are:


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! It is a famous saying and justifies what it says. Although the protein content in fruits is not as high as other sources, it is natural and provides your body with several other benefits. You can always pair your apple slices with almond butter or peanut butter. So, you are supplying yourself with protein and lots of healthy fats too. The combination of apples and nut butters make it a perfectly balanced food. One large-sized apple gives you with 0.5 grams of protein content.


Golden raisins

You will either love raisins or hate them completely. But no matter how hard you try to keep away from them, they are the best-dried fruits that prove to be a healthy snack item. They are easy to carry and extremely convenient to munch on amidst a heavy workload. So, with 1/4th cup of raisins, you can get around 1.35 grams of protein content. Isn’t that good enough from a snack item?


You cannot expect gallons of protein from fruits. But these minute inclusions into your diet are great to boost up to your daily protein intake. One cup of peaches can provide you with 1.4 grams of protein. You can always add some yogurt and cottage cheese to make your protein intake balanced. Moreover, the smoothie made with peaches proves to be great for a weight loss process.

Dried cherries

Do you like munching on trail mix when you are hungry? Well, there is good news for you! You can make your own homemade trail mix with dried fruits, seeds and nuts and be sure to supply yourself with sufficient protein. More so, dried cherries are tasty and healthy. With ¼ cup of dried cherries, you are getting around 0.5 grams of protein. Even more, trail mix is balanced diet and is a great snack item.

Fruits High in Protein


You cannot leave berries when you are making a list of fruits high in protein. Apart from strawberries, raspberries too, will provide you with sufficient protein. One cup of raspberries supplies you with 1.48 grams of protein content. Moreover, raspberries are rich in fiber and extremely low in sugar. So, if you are interested in keeping your sugar intake low and protein consumption high, include raspberries into your diet.


You can consider tomatoes as both a fruit and veggie. Tomatoes can make its way successfully into your meals cooked or salads raw. You can either have the cherry or big tomatoes both to get a great amount of protein supply. By adding one cup of tomatoes into your salad, you can get more than 1.50 grams of protein content. So, when you are making a list of fruits high in protein, don’t forget to add tomatoes.


You can consider grapefruit as one of the high protein foods. You can also ensure you lose a significant amount of weight by consuming grapefruit. It has a low sugar content and also supplies you with many more nutrients. You can keep your skin and hair healthy by consuming grapefruit. That is because the high biotin and vitamin C content present in grapefruit makes it a magnificent inclusion. One cup of grapefruit can supply you with 1.77 grams of protein.


Do you like having grapes? Well, then start pairing them with a hard egg boil or cheese to get the daily protein requirement. Grapes alone does not contain as much protein your body requires daily. So, it is essential you pair the sweet fruits with other protein sources to enhance the protein boost and taste. One cup of grapes can supply your body with 0.58 grams of protein content.

Fruits High in Protein


Strawberries are everyone’s favorite! They are not only a rich source of protein but also comes with several other nutrients. You can get fiber, potassium, and vitamin C from strawberries. You can slice up some strawberries and add a few tablespoons of yogurt. One cup of strawberries will supply you with 1.03 grams of protein content.

Dried apricots

When you are craving for snacks, munching on a few dried apricots is always fun. They have a sweet, sour, and candy-like flavor that is great to munch on. You can try munching on them with some cheese and nuts. Any of these inclusions will make it a complete snack. From ¼th cup of dried apricots, you will be getting around 1.10 grams of protein content.

dried apricot


Bananas are high fibrous. They supply you with a lot of fiber and protein. So, you can try having them with some nut butters to provide your body with protein and fiber. It is an extremely nutritious, portable, and tasty snack item. With one banana, you are getting around 1.29 grams of protein content.


Be it a vegetarian diet plan or vegan meals, jackfruits are a favorite for all. It is such a versatile food that you can include it in your meals. You can eat the ripe jackfruit or the raw one cooked with other vegetables high in protein. Many people use raw jackfruits in place of meat in their meals. One cup of ripe jackfruit can supply you with a whopping 3 grams of protein content.


Guavas contain the most amount of protein. So, when you are making the list of fruits high in protein, don’t forget to mention guavas. With one cup of guavas, you are getting over 4 grams of protein content.


Everyone knows that oranges are a rich source of calcium. But do you know that they have protein too? Yes! It contains around 1.29 grams of protein. So, you can always pair it up with other fruits. Oranges are also rich sources of calcium. So, apart from preserving your muscles, you can keep your bones healthy with oranges. But be sure to choose the pairing item with oranges carefully to make sure you get all the nutrients together.

Fruits High in Protein


Avocadoes are habitually mistaken to be in a list of vegetables. But do you indeed avocados are a fruit? Yes! It is one of the most favorite fruits that comes with several nutrients. You not only get protein but also supply yourself with healthy fats and many more beneficial nutrients. With only half of an avocado, you can get around 1.33 grams of protein content. So, start making your guacamole now to get that protein boost!


Just like the other berries mentioned on the list of fruits high in protein above, blackberries are a great inclusion. But in comparison to raspberries and strawberries, blackberries supply you with a slightly more protein intake. By consuming one cup of blackberries, you are getting almost 2 grams of protein content. You can always have them raw or add them into your oatmeal for a perfect protein-rich breakfast.


Kiwis prove to be a perfect inclusion into your fruit salad. It makes your salad tasty and yet supplies you with a lot of protein. With one cup of sliced kiwi, you are getting more than 2 grams of protein content. Kiwis contains many more nutrients that keep you in good health.


Melons are usually most people’s favorites. Everyone likes a slice or a cup of cubed melons for breakfast. More so, you can keep it for snack time too. So, take a cup of cubed cantaloupe and be sure to get around 1.34 grams of protein content.

Fruits High in Protein


If you are looking for sweet and tasty snack items, apricots are a great choice. You can always pair them with beef jerky, cheese, and nuts to make yourself a perfectly balanced snack item. Only by consuming half a cup of sliced apricots, you are getting around 2.31 grams of protein.


Prunes are a great choice when looking for fruits high in protein. You can get over 2 grams of protein by consuming only half a cup of prunes. They are tasty and can prove to be a great snack option.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of all the fruits that are high in protein, we hope making your diet plan would be easy. So, start including these fruits and supply yourself with the right amount of protein. However, it is best you keep your diet plan balanced. In that way, you will get all the nutrients in the correct amounts.


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