6 Things to Clean Before Moving into Your New Home

Moving into Your New Home

There’s nothing more exciting than moving into your new home. It’s all about leaving behind the best memories in your old home, packing up the present, and booking a ticket for a much better future.

Before you create a new adventure for yourself while moving into your new home, let me ask you a simple question first: whether you’re moving into your new home, don’t you want to give it a thorough cleaning so you can feel you’re in a new place? If you agree with me, we have compiled a list of things you must clean before giving a green signal to the moving truck. Let’s dig a little deeper.

New House Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your new house not only gives a good vibe but, through the cleaning process, you might pinpoint some things that need to be replaced or repaired.

Clean Bathroom—Inhaling Mold and Dust Can Lead You to Serious Health Issues 

Don’t you think cleaning the bathroom is the hardest job one can do? Why not do it first? I  know you might not get so hot about it, but it is important because you will likely need to use a bathroom during the cleaning process. Take a long breath, get started from the counter section, and then move to sinks and tube.

Pro tip?

Make use of quality bathroom cleaner and scrub the toilet, including the border, back, and handles. From windows to the cabinet and closes, make sure you clean all areas professionally.

Clean Kitchen — Get rid of Former tenant’s Cooking Smells

So, you have just done with washroom cleaning. Feeling angry? Well, now, you deserve some yummy homemade pizza. I know you’re craving it, but will your heart allow you to cook food on a dirty kitchen surface? Will you carry a former tenant’s cooking smells? That’s why you must clean the kitchen next.

But there’s one small catch :

Cleaning the kitchen isn’t as hard as you might think. Call your partner and divide the tasks equally. To make the most out of the kitchen cleaning process, start cleaning from the top, dust the ceiling gently, check out the lights and fans fixture.

Kids love to make a drawing on kitchen walls more than on books. Check walls for weirdo kids’ drawings and fingerprints. Liquid stick cleaners work awesome when it comes to removing stubborn stains.

Talking about cabinets, try to use a mild cleaner to clean its inside part. That’s it; you’re all done with big tasks. Before you leave the kitchen, mop and sweep the floor, lean the Counters, which usually require less effort.

Clean Windows —Protect Efficiency of Window

Here’s to a new home, new adventure, new memories—but will you like your new home whose windows are full of dust, badly polished, and poorly made? Big No from my side.

What’s the best solution?

If you don’t have much time to clean windows before moving into your new home, the kitchen, and other boring stuff,  get in touch with trusted source ballymorehomes.com and purchase a brand new house without breaking your bank.

Mind readers, they cover building and development projects in Southern Ontario. From town planning to land development to construction, ballymorehomes has something to offer you.

Clean the Floors—Keep your Family Safe 

It is likely possible; previous homeowners had pets; by cleaning all floors thoroughly, you can protect your family against possible fleas. Hire a professional cleaner to steam clean all carpets before packing them.

What if the previous renters claimed they had washed the carpets already? Then probably, you need to clean your new home through a vacuum.

Talking about wooden surfaces—bookshelves, banisters, and baseboards are easy to overlook. Still, they can make your mood up if they are thoroughly cleaned by the best Non-greasy  Almond wood cleaner, made with natural oils and leaves behind a fresh smell.

Still not convinced?

This top-notch wooden cleaner works wonder against stains and watermarks on both light and dark hardwood surfaces. Astonishing, isn’t it?

 Clean the Stove—Reduce Potential Health Risks

To cook your food in a hygienic place, it is essential to clean the appliance. If you’re going to use regular cleaner for the oven, it may not give you a hand. Use heavy-duty cleaner if possible or appliance cleaner may also be exceptionally effective.

Besides, do you want to learn how to clean it without a heavy-duty cleaner?

Grab a heavy-duty cloth or sponges along with Baking soda and water —And boom! You’re there.

Not sure how to do it?

First, remove elements and drip pans of your stove’s and break them down to clean all the parts thoroughly. Dip the drip pans and racks to sink full of hot water. Let the sink do its work; at the same time, clean the rest of the stove.

In the next step, give a deep look to the oven and use an oven-cleaner if requires. Now, let’s right dive into the hood section. To wrap it up quickly, use a grease remover if a regular cleaner isn’t working smoothly. Lastly, clean the top, front side, temperature dials, and don’t forget to clean the stove’s sides if possible.

Give a Turn to Linens and Towels

You should wash your household linen, towels, and bedsheet before you arranged them. There is a simple reason behind it. These items are the main spots for bacterial growth because they get dirty in no time.

Giving them turn in a washer before you unpack them would be a wise step if you’re serious about your health and don’t want to trigger bacteria’s growth in your new home.

You might find some good laundry detergents that do their job well, but most parents recommend seven generation laundry detergent, which is made of plants and good at its job in all water temperatures.

What’s the bottom line?

It smells great because it cleans great!


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