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Review Raid Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is an ambitious mobile MMO game in a masterfully detailed, dark fantasy world. Raid was released in 2018 and gained popularity in a short time. The developers support the game, provide regular updates, and increment new game modes, champions, and activities to keep the game fresh and engaging. Overall, the game is one of the best mobile experiences available. You may check out this Raid: Shadow Legends Review to learn more about game features and developers.


One of the catching aspects of the game is the presence of a story. Usually, mobile MMO games do not bother themselves with narrative or any plot. Raid, on the contrary, offers a light-hearted tale about сonfrontation of light forces of Arbiter and dark powers of Sairoth. Twelve story chapters wait for the players on seven different levels. The story itself may be plain and simple, but it is filled with humorous content and funny jokes contrasting with the dark setting. Besides, the story quests have voiced lines, which is an even bigger rarity among mobile games. However, the game’s story is only the tip of the iceberg.

Review Raid: Shadow Legends Gameplay

The Raid’s gameplay formula is straightforward but captivating. The game consists of a series of dungeons in different locations, filled with various monsters. At the end of certain dungeons, the characters meet a boss – the most dangerous enemy of the area. The player gathers a party of four champions and raid the dungeon. The roster of the champions is beyond impressive. There are over 400 unique champions from which you can create your party. Each of the heroes has three active skills to attack monsters, support teammates, and defend against enemies. It is crucial to forming different parties besides cosmetic preferences. It is vital for the gameplay’s sake too. Raid offers variability of dungeons such as castles’ catacombs, dense forests, deserts, and caves. Each of the locations is filled with different types of monsters. Undead warriors, mythical creatures, and savage beasts – all of them have various resistances and weak points. Therefore, a party that conquered one particular dungeon may be destroyed in another location. Try different combinations of heroes and their skills to succeed. The battles can be fought manually. It is necessary to make sure that the party will win. Heroes shall not be exhausted before the boss confrontation. Besides, battles may be played automatically to quickly gather resources or gain experience for new heroes. The number of possible party combinations reaches great numbers, which makes party management another layer of gameplay. However, the champions are not available right from the start. You should collect in-game resources to unlock new champions or to buy premium currency and unlock new characters sooner. The gameplay may not be too deep, but it is variable, offers unusual character combinations, and gives new challenges constantly.

Game modes and heroes

The story mode is not the only option available for the players. There are also dungeons, which resemble ones from the story mode but shorter. They serve as a means to gather resources and upgrade heroes. There is also a PvP arena, where players can compete with each other. Players may compare the most successful combinations of characters and their abilities. Developers actively expand the social aspects of the game. For example, one of the most recent updates brought guilds and competitions between them. Now players may fight not only with each other but for the banner as well. In guild wars, they receive unique rewards and upgrades.

Heroes are not only distinct characters with unique abilities but also tactical units, which have possibilities for growth and upgrades. Each hero gains experience and levels. A hero may upgrade one of their skills with each level up. Besides the skills, heroes have sets of equipment, which may also be bought, crafted, and upgraded. Therefore, players have several ways of progression: the number of heroes, their leveling, and gear. Finally, each hero has a unique charisma and an unrepeatable visual style.

Graphics and performance

Raid is a modern game by all means. It has highly detailed 3D graphics of the characters and the environment. Armor, weapons, visual effects of the heroes’ abilities – all of these contribute to an overall positive impression from the game. Most importantly, all this visual splendor is finely optimized. Android and iOS devices show stable framerate and smooth picture.

The game’s art style deserves words of praise too. The game’s art style follows dark fantasy tropes and shows a saturated and cruel environment. Heroes belong to one of the 16 factions in the game. Paladins, barbarians, and wizards have neat detailing, and you will never confuse one with the other. The artistic performance of the game is on the same high level as its technical realization.

Final Words

To sum up this Review Raid: Shadow Legends, we can say that this game is worthy of your attention. It has features of the modern blockbusters from major gaming platforms. Raid takes what is good and brings them into mobile devices. Raid has a voiced storyline and a detailed fantasy world. The game features a wide roster of charismatic heroes. Rare mobile games can boast of such features. The gameplay combines tactical variability and the simplicity of the formula. If you are a novice in RPGs or tactical MMOs, Raid will be a perfect entering point into the world of mobile gaming. The social aspect of the game is well developed too. There are guilds, PvP arena, and seasonal events, such as tournaments, which gather players all over the game. If you want to learn something about the game or need help, the community is vast and supportive. Besides, if you are too bored with regular PvE battles, there are always people with which you may compete and receive valuable prizes. The developers regularly update the game. You may check out the road map on the official website to see what is new to come to the game. It is a perfect chance to try it again if you played Raid early but left the game. Moreover, it is free-to-play, so you may check out this awesomeness on your own and make up your opinion about the game.


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