Top reasons for hiring a work accident attorney

work accident attorney

Many employers have a workers compensation program at their workplaces designed to compensate you in case you’re involved in an accident. Unfortunately, most workers’ compensation benefits can fall short when it comes to gross negligence on the part of the employer. This page explains the top reasons for hiring a work accident attorney. 

Besides, if the injuries were preventable, then you can have a case that is outside the workers’ compensation program. And, if the employer was negligent or there is no worker’s compensation plan, then you need to contact a work accident attorney.  

Understand work injury cases

While you may be able to represent yourself in some work accident cases, there are times when you need an attorney. You can represent yourself when you suffer minor injuries, such as a cut that just required a few stitches, you didn’t miss time off work, the employer accepts liability, and you don’t have pre-existing injuries to the present injured part of your body. 

Sadly, many workplace injuries can be much more serious and can be off work for a couple of months or longer. In such situations, you may need to get an experienced work accident attorney for the following reasons:

Knowledge of the law

There is a law that applies to a non-subscriber employer, but this is a complicated one and it can limit the defenses your employer may raise. For instance, your employer cannot say that you are partially at fault for causing the accident to avoid responsibilities for your injuries. Therefore, an experienced work accident attorney who knows the law can negotiate for a more favorable settlement on your behalf. 

The worth of the case

A work accident attorney can have experience settling similar cases to yours, so they may understand how much compensation you deserve to get. Here is the deal: if you decide to handle your case yourself, it’s likely that your employer may offer a lower settlement and can even claim that you don’t deserve compensation for the pain and suffering. 

You have severe injuries

When you sustain severe injuries or you are permanently disabled, it makes sense to make sure that your future lost wages and medical expenses are included in the settlement. Keep in mind that these claims can be quite expensive for insurance companies and employers. 

Hence, they can fight hard to deny any liability and the extent of the injuries. This is another reason why you should have a work accident attorney to get the compensation you are entitled to.

Pre-existing medical conditions

If you have pre-existing medical conditions in the same body part that was injured at a workplace, the employer can sometimes argue that you don’t deserve any compensation. 

This is not right, though it’s only the attorney who can argue effectively about this issue. This is because a work accident attorney knows the law and they are in a better position in handling cases on your behalf.


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