Career Options after 12th: What to do after 12th ?

career options after 12th

Are you worried about your career options after 12th? You are not alone who is worried about the upcoming journey after the completion of school. In India, we study to earn money. The parents’ typical mentality is to ask their wards to study more so that they can have a successful career. This traditional thinking has both positive and negative sides, and we will discuss them on another day. For this article, our main focus is to help the 10th and 12th pass-outs have a suitable career. 

School years are really important for the kids to have a strong base for their career. We recommend career guidance after 12th to the school pass-outs so that they can enroll in suitable courses and have a career of their choice. Tough parents should encourage their kids to take career counselling after 10th, but after 12th, students must get it to understand their areas of interest. 

It is obvious to get confused in choosing the career after 12th as many options are available at this stage. For the last few decades, we have been forcing our kids to enroll in the most popular or easily available courses. Still, in villages and small towns, the career after 12th depends on the availability of U.G. or P.G. colleges and the availability of course there. As a result, our colleges could not produce better professionals. 

In real life, we find many examples of the students who discuss a lot in what after 12th and end up following their friends or elder siblings’ footstep. As a result, a person interested in literature ends up in a computer or management course. And we lose a writer or poet to work in front of the computer. Not all bankers and managers are lucky enough to be writers or poets to pursue their passion, so professional career guidance after 12th is a must.

 We have mentioned some career choices for the students who are confused about what after 12th. Let us check them out and find out which career option after 12th will be best for you;

To be a successful professional or businessman in your life, you need to focus on the study to help you build your career well. Till 12th the students have to study the limited subjects, but after 12th the availability of courses becomes vast. The presence of so many options can make the students and the parents confused in choosing the best career after 12th.  

Career guidance after 12th can help the students choose a suitable course in U.G. Students can choose anyone from the courses mentioned here based on their 12th and interest subjects.

Career after 12th for Science Students

If you chose science for 10+2, then you must have chosen between Maths and Bio. If you love your subjects after completion of 12th then you chose anyone of the following courses;

Career for Maths Students 

  • Most of 12th pass outs with Maths want to be an engineer. Those who are not sure about their interest follow others and take admission in an engineering course.  If you want to be an engineer after 12th, then first be sure about it as the competition is high in this career field and the only best one can survive. The best way to be an engineer is to participate in the national, state, or university level entrance examination. If you clear the entrance exam, then fine else, don’t fall into the trap of unknown engineering colleges. 
  • Maths is not the only subject in which you can have your career after 12th. You can also take up Physics or Chemistry as the main subject for further studies and plan your career accordingly. You can get admission in B. Sc Physics or B. Sc Chemistry. In both of the subjects, many subcategories are available now. After completing the U.G. courses, you can either go for the P.G. course or get a job that suits your qualification. 
  • After 12th, the Maths students can also get admission in flying schools to be a Pilot. 
  • Those who want to be a part of the Indian Armed Forces can participate in the N.D.A. exam. 

Career After 12th For Biology Students 

  • After completing your 12th with Bio as the main and your favorite subject, you can take the NEET exam to get admission in any medical course to be a doctor. The exam is not easy at all, and as it is a national level exam, so the competition is really hard here. Participate in the exam if you are passionate about being a doctor and invest 12- 14 hours of a day in NEET preparation. 
  • You can also enroll in B. Pharma after 12th with Bio. The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing in India, and it needs qualified B. Pharm professionals in the research and development of medicines. 
  • B. Sc with Bio or Biotechnology or other fields related to this subject is also open for the B. Sc students. They can choose it as a career after 12th, and after completion of the course, they will find many options to work. 

Career for Commerce Students 

  • The most popular option for the commerce students after 12th is to get admission in B. Com. After they can either go for further studies or join any company as Accounts Executive. 
  • The option to enroll in C.A. or C.S. courses are also available for the commerce students. 

Career for Arts Students 

  • After completion of 12th, the humanities students can enroll in B.A. It would be best if they will get admission to a reputed college. 
  • B.F.D., B.F.A., B.A. +L.L.B are the other best career options for the students after 12th. Based on their subjects, the students can either enroll in further courses or get a job. 

Common Career Choices After 12th 

The common courses for the students after 12th are B.C.A., B.B.A., B.F.A., and competitive exams. Students can prepare for the S.S.B. and Bank Clerk exams after 12th. A professional career counselling after 12th can help you to choose the best professional for you. 

Last Word

A career after 12th is a crucial decision and it needs lots of time and suggestions. If you are not sure about the career or course after 12th, don’t hesitate to take professional help in career guidance after 12th



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