6 Potential Benefits of Using a Beard Trimmer

using Beard Trimmer
Handsome young bearded man trimming his beard with a trimmer

If you’ve ever shaved any part of your body, you know what a fine line it is between getting silky smooth and accidentally scraping yourself with a rough blade. It’s very easy to accidentally irritate your skin. It doesn’t help that every person has a different skin type, meaning some kinds of razors work best only for certain skin types. Here are the benefits of using beard trimmer. 

If your skin is sensitive, a typical safety razor may cause irritation. This is why some people prefer using a beard trimmer over a safety razor. If you’ve lost hope about shaving because it causes irritation, a beard trimmer is the best solution.

There are many types of beard trimmers available on the market, so there’s bound to be one that fits your needs and budget. If you’re confused by the options, you can check out the guide from GroomAndStyle to choose the perfect one for your needs. Below are some of the advantages of using a beard trimmer:

  1. Portable and Convenient

One of the best benefits of using a beard trimmer is the convenience it provides. With a beard trimmer, you can easily bring it with you whenever you want and wherever you plan to go, enabling you to maintain your corporate beard at any time. Depending on the kind of beard trimmer you choose, make sure that it’s full charged before you travel.

2. Enjoy More Control

Shaving your beard using a manual razor provides you with one option and that’s to remove everything or, at most, keep a short stubble. Using a beard clipper, you’ll be equipped with guards so you can pick the length you prefer and trim only when necessary.

People who grow long beards have an alternative, which is to use scissors. If you’ve tried to trim your beard with the use of scissors before, you’d find out how tedious it can be and how long it takes. There’s no better way to handle a beard than clippers. You may even use it on your body or head if you like and several beard trimmers come with such attachments.

3. Save More Money

When you use a safety razor, you actually have more expenses that may add up over time. You’ll need to periodically buy replacement blades, shaving cream, and lotion to heal your skin. It adds up fast, but you might not notice that you’re spending too much because it’s cumulative.

With beard trimmers, other than the initial purchase, the only thing you’ll need is a clipper oil to maintain its efficiency and keep it lubricated. This will help you enjoy more savings, which can be a big difference over time.

4. Save More Time

If you’re always on the go, you don’t want to waste time shaving traditionally. With the use of a beard trimmer, you can shave easily and trim your beard down to a short length if you want and it just takes a few minutes. You just have to ensure that it’s charged—unless you purchased one that’s corded. The speed is one of the best advantages of using beard trimmer.

5. Prevents Irritation and Rash

If you have a sensitive skin, you might end up getting rashes after you shave. The irritation and rashes associated with poor shaving tools and methods can cause health problems. Rashes may even result in skin infections.

With quality trimmer, you won’t need to worry about infections or rashes. With beard trimmers, you don’t need to worry about underlying hair follicles and damaging the skin. Such bumps that come with razor shaving can be as bad as any health concern.

6. Traditional Razors Can Be Risky

Unlike beard trimmers, traditional razors can’t maneuver curves properly. With trimmers, they’re designed in a way so that they won’t come into contact with your skin. You won’t even see any adverse effects, which can lead to ingrown hairs or serious dermatitis that provides your skin a bumpy appearance.

How to Choose the Right Beard Trimmer for You

There are many beard trimmers you can choose—however, not all are made equal. So, before you purchase anything, make sure to research its features first and know your budget. Take note that expensive doesn’t always mean high quality. Know your needs and features you prefer to avoid wasting your time, money, and effort on a low-quality beard trimmer.


If you like to enjoy the above benefits of using a beard trimmer, opt for quality brands only. Some beard trimmers are made from poor quality materials, which can result in skin cuts. If you don’t know which trimmer to choose, you can always consult your trusted barber or dermatologist to help you.


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