Construction Jobs: One of the Most Rewarding Careers

many rewarding benefits

The construction industry makes up a large amount of the economy in the UK as well as worldwide. It is thought to contribute £117 billion to the UK economy. Therefore, construction jobs are highly demandable and can set you up for the most rewarding careers. In addition, they have many rewarding benefits which will be outlined in this article. So, if you are a construction enquirer, keep on reading

You Will Be a Part of Fantastic Projects 

One of the many benefits of being in a construction job is that you could get to be a part of some of the most amazing builds. For example, you could be building hospitals that help save people’s lives or be a part of building a huge monument or the offices for some of the biggest and richest companies in the world. Its safe to say that the work that you would do would not be boring or lack any excitement. 

You Will Be Paid a Great Wage

Construction workers earn a high wage. Some more than others, depending on their job title. The highest paid construction jobs are those such as senior construction managers who can earn around £100,000 per year. The average pay of a construction labourer in a starter position is around £20,000 a year. This would progress into the 30-40k with a wealth of experience and potentially going on to specialise in another area. You can begin your journey into labouring work by simply taking reed courses. Therefore, the entry into the industry can be rather straight forward and the emphasis on the industry is on the job training.

There are Great Development Opportunities

Many of those who currently work in the industry value their options for progression. There is no chance of becoming bored or stuck in a particular job role. You could start as a bricklayer and find yourself becoming involved in supervisory roles, management roles and also branching off into areas such as structural engineering and quantity surveying or even being an expert witness. 

There are also so many learning and development opportunities with a vast number of courses you can take to specialise in specific areas as well as being members of various professional bodies. Being members of the professional bodies gives to access to be a part of a group with similar interests and network amongst each other to help encourage development and further job opportunities. 

The CSCS, Construction Scheme Certification Scheme allows members to have a card indicating their level of skill and reputability. 

You Will Have Challenges on a Daily Basis 

One of the reasons that people value construction jobs is that they have a number of different challenges to overcome day to day. They may not be doing something they have done before, or they have to deal with an issue on site. The challenging nature makes it the most rewarding careers that people stick to because they will never have a dull day. 

You Get to Be Outside 

Last, but not least, is the fact that construction workers get to soak up the sun and spend their day outdoors in the fresh air. This is an environment that people love as they do like the office environment and being stuck inside.

So, yes, construction jobs are especially rewarding in so many different ways. If you think these are the most rewarding careers for you give it a shot and discover what rewards it could bring for you. 



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