Packaging Perks – 4 Things Customers Love To See In Your Product Packaging

Your Product Packaging

First impressions matter, which is why your product packaging can often be just as important as the item itself. If your item comes in bland, colorless packaging, then it’ll be a miracle if it even makes it off the shelf. Likewise, if your product’s container is difficult to open, you likely won’t have to worry about repeat customers. 

You must take a systematic approach to your product packaging to make sure it delights the user. Whether you’re selling auto parts, baked goods, promotional products, or anything in between, make sure your product packaging has these four things that customers want to see.

1. An Appealing Design

The single most important thing that your packaging has to do is grab a customer’s attention. Whether they’re walking past it at the department store or scrolling through online storefront listings, you should present your product with appealing and attention-grabbing packaging. 

That doesn’t mean you should opt for the boldest color palette available; instead, sometimes less is more. What always remains true is that your design should please your target audience. Ensure that you identify a clear target demographic and design your packaging to visually appeal to those people, whether that requires minimalist graphics or bright splashes of color.

2. Iconic Branding

As important as it is to create a visually appealing package, the end goal should always be the same: it should support a memorable and iconic brand. Whether that’s the name of your business, your official catchphrase, or your company logo, your packaging should proudly emblazon your professional image.

Think about bottles of Pepsi or Coca Cola. Not only do these beverages boast legendary logos, but the shapes of their bottles are just as recognizable. Consumers enjoy great packaging more than most business owners realize, so you should try and adjust your design to suit. 

3. Accessibility and Ease-of-Use

The aesthetic appeal of your packaging is important, but what’s even more crucial is accessibility. You should think about the entire process of using your product and ensure that every step is easy and accessible for your whole audience, including those who may have disabilities and unique requirements. 

Even for general audiences, you should always work to design packaging that makes your product accessible. Don’t make it a hassle for your customer to open the box; facilitating a smooth customer experience when accessing your product will improve your reputation in the long run. In fact, a majority of the participants in a recent market research study said that their most significant gripe with popular products was that they were difficult to open. This offers you an easy way to set yourself apart – all it takes is a little extra thought and engineering. 

4. Environmentally Safe and Easy to Discard

This point might sound a bit blasphemous since we’ve just asked you to put so much thought and care into your packaging. However, your customers won’t want to hold onto your packaging forever. They’ll need to discard it at some point, and as interest in the health of the environment grows, many customers are actively seeking out products that feature biodegradable packaging.

Environmentally friendly packaging is easier to discard, which will further attract consumers because they’ll appreciate being able to reduce clutter without feeling guilty. Meet the demand head-on and make sure your packaging won’t negatively impact the natural world once your product is opened.

Something as simple as product packaging can pose a lot of factors to consider and concerns to address. However, taking the time to create packaging that customers appreciate will pay off for your product and your brand as a whole.


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