How to Host an Intimate Yet Safe Holiday Dinner During The Pandemic

How to Host an Intimate Yet Safe Holiday Dinner During The Pandemic

It goes without saying that this holiday season will be unlike any other. Gathering with friends and family to give thanks, share gifts, and create memories will be a lot different amid the pandemic. As the coronavirus can spread relatively quickly from one person to the next, health and safety need to be prioritized. While these added obstacles only add to the pressures of being the perfect host or hostess, there are practical solutions to make things easier. Continue reading for some great advice.

Keep the Guest List Short

You may be used to large family gatherings, but for the sake of those you love, you’ll need to keep things small this year. The more people in your house, the higher the risks are of someone contracting the coronavirus. If you’re having trouble deciding who should be invited, it is best to avoid asking those considered high-risk. Senior citizens, small children, expectant mothers, and, in some cases, essential workers should be left off the guest list. They are either more likely to spread the virus or suffer from long-term and life-threatening side effects.

Use Disposable Products

You won’t be needing your fine china, silverware, and serving dishes this year. As the coronavirus can survive on hard surfaces for hours, it’s best to stick to one-time use or disposable products. If you’re worried about it throwing off the rest of your holiday decor, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are plenty of styles and patterns for you to choose from. The best part is it’s affordable and makes cleaning up after your holiday dinner a breeze.

Avoid Buffet-Style Serving

Though it’s a lot easier to put your best dishes in trays or serving dishes and allow your guests to pack their own plates, it’s not the safest. Leaving things out increases the chances of the coronavirus spreading through your home. As such, it’s best to assign a few people to wear masks and gloves and prepare plates for everyone. Even desserts like cakes and pies can be pre-sliced and wrapped for your guests to take home. When it comes to snacks and sweets, opt for single-serve ideas or individually wrapped items like cupcakes, mini bags of chips, and gourmet chocolate.

Invest in PPE

As your guests are exposed to various environments, it’s ideal for everyone to wear PPE indoors. Be sure to order enough face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer for all your guests. If you want, you can get the festivities started early by allowing everyone to design their own holiday-themed masks. It’s a fun family project everyone can do from home and then bring to your house on the day of your dinner.

Cleaning and Setup

The best way to safeguard your family and friends this holiday season is to prepare your home correctly. Beyond decorating the space, you must thoroughly clean and sanitize everything. You should also keep cleaning supplies nearby to wipe down hard surfaces and common areas regularly. Lastly, be sure to clean your restroom and leave plenty of soap, toilet paper, and paper towels for your guests to practice proper hygiene. As for setting up for your holiday dinner, try to use the largest room in your home to provide the most space. You should also try to arrange seats a few feet apart.

Have Fun

This year was nothing like anyone expected. From an ongoing pandemic and economic hardship to natural disasters and civil unrest, everyone has dealt with a lot. While an emotional time to live in, you can lift everyone’s spirits by having a good time. Try not to worry about what’s going on and simply use this time to reconnect and create new memories.

If you’re used to hosting holiday gatherings for your family, don’t let the pandemic ruin a good time. Though several health and safety precautions must be considered to avoid putting anyone at risk, you can still have a great time with those you love most. The above advice will make it easier for you to throw a much-needed event that everyone will cherish forever.


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