How to Succeed With LSD Addiction Treatment?

LSD Addiction

LSD or acid refers to lysergic acid diethylamide, a type of psychedelic substance that creates an illusion of space, time, perception, and emotions. Even a 20 microgram drug can affect a person. You get it as a tablet or droplet. However, blotter paper is one of the most common forms in which people absorb it through their tongue to gulp. Although it may not be addictive, one can develop an addiction to it due to their experiences while tripping. It is easy to become tolerant and dependent on psychedelics like this. But it cannot happen without specific side effects, which can manifest as psychosis or paranoia.

If you or someone dear to you has been abusing this drug, you would need help to get over it. If you live in Bradford, you can search for rehab centers in Bradford, VT, for treatment. They can take thorough care of your health. However, before that, it would be best to gather some more information about this type of addiction, symptoms, and treatment procedures to take a right and timely action. So, here is a brief on this.

LSD effects and abuse

When you consume it in the form of paper, it cannot be easy to know the quantity you intake. Then, different people can respond to it differently. An overdose of this can create a sense of alienation and dissociation. For example, you can feel a little euphoric even if you take 20 micrograms of this drug. It is an illegal drug, according to law; it doesn’t have any medicinal benefits. But it is easy to abuse. However, there have been instances where its use in therapies and specific treatments yielded positive results. For depression and anxiety, it can be a solution. Still, it would take time to establish this. Some people think that LSD can also be useful in PTSD and addiction. 

No matter what benefit it can offer, you cannot ignore its consumption can influence everyone uniquely. People can experience severe physical and psychological changes. These changes can show up in the form of reality distortion, intense emotions, and so on. Some people grow a dependency on it during tripping because of its ability to produce fresh insights. The impact of the drug can continue for 8 to 10 hours. However, its intensity can be higher for 4 to 6 hours. Some of its common symptoms are tremors, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sweating, delusion, sensory enhancement, flashbacks, etc.

According to healthcare experts, one can quickly become tolerant of this drug. If someone takes the same dose for three days in a row, they will not react to it on the third day. But those who abuse this would consume it incrementally to reach the level of intoxication they have been experiencing so far. The risk with this behavior is that the person’s chances of having a negative psychological impact become stronger.

Although the risk of overdosing and fatal overdosing can be rare or impossible with this drug, you still have to be careful about it. It is not safe because of the side-effects. It can be hard to control yourself when you are on a trip for 12 hours or longer. You can end up hallucinating and, in return, sustaining injuries or specific legal, professional, and social outcomes. The risk multiplies when you combine it with anti-depressants like lithium. The drug’s severe effects may take time to manifest based on the frequency and doses of consumption. But they can push you towards psychosis, suicidal thoughts, and others.

LSD treatment

It may not cause any physical dependence, but it can alter your psychological condition by exposing you to hallucinogenic effects. And this can create numerous consequences. To get rid of this, you can search for a reputable inpatient drug rehab nearby. The treatment center can use several therapies to help reduce your dependency on hallucinogenic. These can focus on cognitive behavior, lifestyle skills, dialectical behavior, and other areas. At the same time, they can also make sure that you or your loved one doesn’t relapse. For this, they can use relapse prevention therapies or a support group.

If you want to lead an everyday life once again and get back to your original self, it’s time you consider taking the help. Learning about options and procedures can come in handy in this process. Usually, people who abuse LSD also indulge in other illegal drugs. That’s why they have to go through a urine test. Although the LSD addiction treatment’s success rate can be abysmally low, you need mentoring and guidance to stop it from consuming. And it can be possible only when you get the right environment and facilities. That’s why moving into an inpatient rehab center can be an excellent decision. You never know if it would change your life for the better.


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