DeckOnDeckOnDeckOn Has Gift Cards for the Top 6 Gaming Trends in 2020

gaming trends

Today, game developers are coming up with new ideas all the time. The year 2020 has seen an increase in many areas, such as handheld consoles, mobile games, and more. For instance, streaming games are no longer dismissible. Live streaming games have become some of the most popular games in many households.

As the holidays approach, you will need to consider the top gaming trends when you order your gamer friends gift cards from DeckOnDeckOnDeckOn. Here are six of these top trends that you need to consider this holiday season.

1. Streaming Games

Traditionally, all large streaming games had to be downloaded on wifi. However, 5G is bringing the world crazy fast internet speeds. With these faster speeds, gamers are even less reliant on traditional game stores and more involved in streaming games. This is because 5G has lifted the download requirements, and gamers can install their apps from anywhere. Here is gift card for teens.

Furthermore, live streaming games mean that gamers no longer have to worry about downloading updates. This is because the latest updates are automatically adjusted on the game’s server. Additionally, multiplayer games enter a whole new dimension as massive numbers of people can play together. To give your friend the gift of a live streaming app this holiday season, try getting a gift card for streaming games from DeckOnDeckOnDeckOn. The only issue with streaming games is that these games require greater processing power, so older devices are not the best choice. Fortunately, DeckOnDeckOnDeckOn offers gift cards that your gamer friend can use to upgrade their device.

For computers, faster internet connections mean that gamers can play almost any game from any device. Just like with mobile apps, this eliminates the need for frequent updates and makes games more accessible. Remember to keep an eye on any excessive gaming because of the potential impact of video games on psychological function.

2. Apple Arcade

Last fall, Apple launched a new feature called Apple Arcade that lets users pay a monthly fee and access dozens of games without worrying about in-app purchases. This includes games from lesser-known developers, big-name companies, and exclusive Apple Arcade games. When it was first launched, there were only 50 games available to users. However, games are added weekly. Now, hundreds of games are available, and developers continue to partner with Apple to develop more exclusive Arcade games. If this is something your gamer friend has been getting into, a gift card from  DeckOnDeckOnDeckOn may be the ideal solution for you this holiday season.

3. Mobile Games

Last year, some of the biggest video games became available as mobile apps. The mobile versions offer a very similar experience to the one users would find in the traditional games. While attempting to replicate console games for mobile devices has traditionally not gone well, developers have figured out ways to make their apps more intuitive and user friendly. If your friend has a specific game they love, let them take it with them by getting them a gift card for it from DeckOnDeckOnDeckOn.

4. Handheld Consoles

Handheld consoles were a big thing in the days before PlayStation and Xbox. However, they have made a comeback recently with the development of new handheld consoles for games. This is an indication that people still love convenient products that offer the highest-quality graphics and performance. These handheld consoles will probably be around for a while. Therefore, you probably want to get your gamer friend a gift card for one from DeckOnDeckOnDeckOn.

5. Inclusive Games

Recent studies have shown that users want more inclusive games. This is true for console and mobile gamers. While gamers may love their favorites, they often wish they had more diverse characters and better representation.

6. Holographic Games

Holographic technology has been around for a while, but it recently made its way into the gaming industry. This is because TV screens were always seen as the traditional place for video games. However, holograms have just started being used in video games to provide users with a more immersive experience. This technology was only first patented last fall, so it is still in the early stages.

Although many people think this means they would need to get new devices, the technology is actually compatible with PlayStations, Xboxes, and Nintendos. It may also become compatible with AR headsets, VR headsets, and smartphones. This would be perfect for those looking for a more immersive gaming tournament. Whether or not your gamer friend has one could indicate what they need this holiday season.

There have been some groundbreaking new gaming trends this year. Thankfully, some have proven to be socially relevant, such as more inclusive games. Others are really embracing the future as people get handheld consoles and holographic games. Fortunately, DeckOnDeckOnDeckOn has a gift card for whatever your gamer friend needs to stay on top of this holiday season gaming trends.


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