What Should You Check Before Hiring Paragard Lawsuit Lawyers?

Paragard lawsuit lawyers

Paragard IUD has been a popular long term birth control measure amongst women. While it is successful, there have been cases where women have experienced severe complications when removing the device. Issues like damage to the uterus, organ perforation, etc. have come to light, resulting in the person requiring additional surgery. Read on to find more details about what you should check before hiring Paragard Lawsuit Lawyers.

The creators of Paragard IUD have been facing lawsuits claiming that the company does not warn the people of the dangers during removal if the procedure isn’t carried out correctly. Also, there have been cases of the device breaking inside the uterus that the company does not warn.

Suppose you or anyone you know has suffered injuries or health complications from using the IUD device, you, too, can hire Paragard lawsuit lawyers to help you lodge a case and file for compensation for your injuries. Here are some of the things to ask before hiring a lawyer:

Check their Past Career Record 

No two Paragard lawsuit lawyers will be the same. Some may be good, others might be just average, while there may be few who might be below average. If a law firm or a lawyer has an impressive track record or verdicts or settlements, it is an indication you’re talking to the right people.

Experience in Handling ‘Dangerous Product Cases’ 

A lawyer may have 20-25 years of experience handling different kinds of cases. But if most of those cases have been related to property disputes, it is irrelevant for you. You need someone who has experience in product liability and dangerous drug lawsuits. So when talking to lawyers, make sure you ask about their experience in the area. 

Ask If They Are Prepared To Go To Trial 

The majority of product liability cases are settled out of court. That’s because the company under trial prefers to settle the matter out of court. Therefore, they might try to influence the lawyer. This may result in getting over with the matter with a smaller compensation. 

However, if you are determined to get the full compensation you deserve for your loss or work, medical expenses incurred because of complications, mental harassment, etc. you should be prepared to fight it out in court if need be. Therefore the Paragard Lawsuit Lawyers should be ready to go to trial to get you the highest compensation possible. 

Cost and Fees 

Hiring a lawyer isn’t cheap. Some charge their fee by the hour while others do so for every hearing. However, some law firms provide a free consultation and only charge a percentage of the compensation that you receive once you win the case. 

Work out your math and see what works best for you. However, since it is a serious matter and your health and well-being are at stake, it is advisable not to cut corners and hire the best lawyer to help navigate the legal battle.

If you or someone you know has wrongfully suffered injury or death, you must get justice, and the company that created the Paragard is brought to books. The company is liable to compensate you financially for your medical expenses incurred due to the health issues that cropped up and for missing work, not to mention that physical and mental pain and suffering that your family has had to go through.



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