Treatment for drug addiction: What is the ideal length of treatment?

drug addiction

Drug addiction is one of the pressing problems of the contemporary world. It is intimidating to seeking an ideal treatment for drug addiction. There are various social stigmas associated with substance abuse. You may feel uncomfortable to go for the treatment, thinking what your friends and family members may think about it. However, to overcome drug addiction, you will have to take the first step. You have to keep aside considerations like what others will think or might mock at you.

There are various factors associated with drug treatment, like the cost of the treatment and rehab length. You must note that there is no ideal treatment for drug addiction. It is because each form of addiction is different and unique.

Since each form of addiction is different, recovery will also vary from person to person. Hence your process of recovery from addiction will be very different from another person. However, several basic treatment options are available for the patients. You can choose from them based on your specific needs and interest. The length of the rehab program may extend from 30 days to 90 days. Some programs may extend beyond 90 days, depending upon the case. While choosing a particular program, you should keep in mind the long term effect of the program. 

Many studies have revealed that an addicted person should go for at least three months of treatment to become sober. Apart from the three-month duration, they may also require continued programs to limit the chances of relapse. Many researchers have established that the longer the course of treatment, the better is the outcome. You may be worried about the program’s longer duration, but the results you will get may impress you. 

A proper guide to the different lengths of treatment

The essential point that needs consideration is that you should have a realistic approach to the treatment program. The various types of treatment programs available depend upon the level of addiction of an individual. For people addicted to a particular drug, their bodies and mental conditions become increasingly dependent upon the substance. It is because of this reason that the treatment should go on a 30-day longer duration to make a long-lasting impact. As a patient, you will first have to accept your addiction and then the treatment process. Only after that can you expect the treatment to be effective.

The benefits of different lengths of treatment
  • The 30-day treatment program: for a person who wants to go for rehab treatment, the 30-day program is the best option. The 30-day program provides insight into the person regarding the program’s length and other treatment aspects. It is a treatment program that prepares you for more extended duration rehab. One of the benefits of this treatment program is that it gives you the time to get through many physical withdrawal symptoms and establish a preventive relapse technique. Many insurance companies typically cover this kind of program.
  • The 60-day treatment program: the 60-day program includes the benefit of extended support and time throughout the treatment. It undertakes the detoxification process to decrease the dependency on the substance. Also, there are therapy sessions that would work on behavioral, familial, and situational circumstances. The luxury rehab in Washington plays a vital role in contributing to limiting addictive behavior. It gives a sufficient amount of time for detoxification of alcohol or the drug and begins everyday life’s active practices. The 60-day program comes under the banner of many insurance companies to ease out the financial burden. They allow you to make monthly payments.
  • The 90-day treatment program: it is a program that is intimidating for various drug addicts. However, the longer duration of the treatment provides the necessary support and increases the chances of maintaining sobriety for a more extended period.  Inpatient rehab in Oregon includes evaluation, intake, therapy, detox, self-help groups, and aftercare planning. It is a program that gives you a significant length of time for giving up addictive behavior. 

The various benefits associated with the different programs can help you to overcome the substance abuse problem. Any kind of drug addiction is detrimental to both physical and mental health. You should seek the help of the rehab centers for an ideal treatment for drug addiction., which can help you, get back to everyday life. You may take the advice of the doctor who can guide you during the process. They can help you with all the necessary information about various treatments.You can use this information to select appropriate treatment so that you recover faster and reduce any chances of relapse. 

Only when you choose a suitable program for your treatment, you can drive successful outcomes. Talk to the specialized counsellors to determine what will suit your condition. Without a customized design program, you cannot expect positive results.



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