Things To Remember When Renting A Hostel Near You In Pune

Renting A Hostel Near You In Pune

Moving out of your hometown to a metropolitan city in the pursuit of better higher education or work opportunities has almost become a rite of passage in the country, marking your first foray into adulthood and independence. While the idea of living away from the watchful eyes of your parents and under minimal supervision is exciting, there are some things you should work out cautiously. One of the most important independent decisions you will take is selecting a hostel or PG. And in most of the popular cities, that can be confusing. Take the case of Pune. The city has started to emerge as a hub for education and enterprise and sees a regular influx of students and working professionals every year. With growing demand for accommodation, a lot of PGs and hostels have cropped up in the city. If you are looking for a hostel in Pune, you must keep a few things in mind:

1) Locale

Whether you are a student or a young professional in the city, you must always be aware of localities and neighborhoods. A safe and developed neighborhood with good connectivity to the rest of the city is the best place to live in, especially if you are a stranger to the city. Security and safety should be your top priorities and a hostel located in an upscale part of town has the potential to score higher on these factors. A hostel or PG located close to your institution or workplace will also be beneficial as it helps you save time, money and energy on daily commute. 

2) Amenities and Space

As a student or a working professional, you won’t have the time or inclination to furnish your living space with amenities like high-speed internet and air-conditioning etc. You must ensure that the offered utilities function properly and the hostel offers good power back-ups and services like laundry, cleaning and recreational facilities. A hostel should also be spacious and well-planned with furnished, comfortable rooms that provide privacy and a sense of belonging. These days, managed accommodation like Stanza Living have emerged as adaptable living options where even the design of a room factors in important measures like square feet area per person, distance between furniture placements and adequate privacy. These are a far cry from the cramped spaces and dingy rooms that have been a common point of woe for most migrants who’ve had to adjust to the unorganized PGs and hostels across cities. 

3) Meals

The most important yet overlooked part of living in a hostel is the food served. One should never compromise on the quality of food being offered by the hostel authorities. All hostels and PGs claim to have excellent food, but in most cases, it cannot be farther from the truth. Unlike other factors mentioned in this piece, checking the quality of food can be a little tricky and requires some vigilance on your part. You must ensure that the food is prepared from fresh ingredient and suits your palate. 

Looking for a hostel in Pune can be an overwhelming task with so many independent accommodations offering different deals. You must choose a hostel after careful consideration, making sure that it suits your expectations.

 A professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living is starkly different from conventional hostels. They offer state-of-the-art amenities for meals, laundry, housekeeping along with providing security measures like CCTV surveillance and biometric entry. These offerings, along with well-lit, thoughtfully decorated rooms, common interactive zones for recreational activities like movie screenings and game nights, festive celebrations, workshops etc have set new standards in rental accommodation, giving traditional hostels and PGs a run for their money.

Pune is a young city housing start-ups and colleges. Managed accommodations provide an environment that reflects the mindset of the city and the people fuelling its energy. And we would recommend them to you without a thought to the contrary.


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