Axolight Italian Design Lamps: the best sellers of the Scorzè company

Axolight Italian Design Lamps

Axolight is an Italian lighting company based in Venice and the United States, famous all over the world for its lamps with innovative and refined design. With a market that extends to about 90 different countries, Axolight is a point of reference in the private and industrial lighting sector and boasts prestigious collaborations with the most famous Italian and international designers.

Collaborations that gave life to creations that soon became unique best sellers of the Venetian company, one that stands out for its use of precious and innovative materials such as blown glass, Vicenza stone and silk, to name just a few.

The Venetian company designs, manufactures and assembles all its lamps by hand, whether they are customized models or products made for a line or series. Furthermore, all Axolight lamps are Italian design lamps made in three different sizes (large, medium, small) to meet the needs of every type of living space, from studios to attics that consist of several hundred square meters. Moreover, many models have a cascading design in different types: pendant lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps etc.

Here are some of the most famous and appreciated lamps that came out of the Axolight workshops.

“Manto” design by Davide Besozzi. A suspension lamp that can cascade in three sizes (large, medium and small) consisting of a white blown glass sphere with an LED light source, connected to a telescopic arm that allows you to choose the height at which to place the sphere. The lampshade is replaced by a circle of white elastic fabric. Depending on the height at which you choose to position the sphere (at a distance or immersed in the fabric) the shape of the lamp changes, as does the intensity of the light beam.

“Mountain View” by Dima Loginoff. Also a suspension lamp, made entirely of blown glass. The particular glass processing reproduces the profile of a mountain massif enclosed in a transparent sphere. Elegant and suggestive, this lamp fully expresses the company’s philosophy.

“Clavius” by Manuel and Vanessa Vivian. The name is derived from a Stanley Kubrick film and is a line that includes pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps and table or floor lamps. The main feature is displayed by the lampshade made with hand-worked silk threads. The supporting structure is in metal.

The aforementioned lamps are three best sellers for a company that in a few years has been able to carve out a leading role in the world lighting market, remaining faithful to the principles and values ​​of the Made in Italy artisan tradition. Axolight lamps, in fact, are all designed, manufactured and assembled in the Venetian workshops, whether they are mass-produced models or unique pieces. An artisan philosophy that lends itself well to meeting the customization requests of a very demanding niche clientele looking for quality, refined and functional products.


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