How To Get Rid Of Work

Work Anxiety

We know the hectic work routine; all of the adults experience that. Sitting all day in the same position, just staring at one screen or going through different paperwork throughout the day. However, the piles of files increasing gradually as the hours’ pass can be very stressful and give you anxiety. At some point in time, everyone wanted to be getting rid of work.

Anxiety is not harmful if you know to control it, but not handling it on time can slow down your productivity levels. If you get an anxiety attack during work hours, it can prevent you from working. 

Anxiety can be triggered by anything, and on most occasions, it’s controllable, although, at work, it can be troublesome(especially if it’s a job that you love)—best of luck explaining it to your boss then. Anxiety can affect performance at work, the book’s quality, relationships with colleagues, and relationships with supervisors. Most of us can’t afford that because we are dependent on those monthly paychecks to pay our rent and bills. 

9 Simple Methods that Helps in Getting Rid of work and Anxiety

Let’s discuss some tips on how to tame our work-induced anxiety.

1. Just Remember It’s A Never-Ending Cycle

Just keep in mind that it is going to keep coming back from time to time. However, keep in mind that YOU get the anxiety; the ANXIETY does not get you. Therefore it’s up to you if you want to control it or want it to control you.

However, it does not matter how bad of an attack you get; it will end eventually. We know it’s a feeling of fear, and you feel like it the end of everything while it’s genuinely not. It’s okay to feel scared, but overcome your fears and face it like a queen/king.

2. Drink water now and then!

Water can relieve your anxiety( not even kidding). You might think we are joking, but we are not. Water can lower your blood pressure and normalize your heart rate, hence no anxiety. 

Staying hydrated can also keep your energy levels alleviated. Even if you have trouble concentrating, sipping water can help increase your focus. Remember, check how much water you have had since the morning if you get a random headache. 

Furthermore, water can flush out the oxidants from your body and give a bright, glowing skin. 

3. Breathe

Sometimes you should be getting rid of work and go out for small refreshments. Breathing in and out can help your anxiety levels to lower down. Whenever you feel like your heart will beat out of your heart, try breathing in and out slowly. 

Focus on your breathing. Breathing in and out can help calm you down and normalize your heart rate. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. 

4. Start Your Day Off With Exercise

If you are one of those who work out after their office hours, CHANGE THAT HABIT IMMEDIATELY! 

Spending the whole day working out gets you tired enough, and having to workout later can drain you out completely.

Wake up 30 minutes before your usual time and work out for at least 20-30 minutes. Carry out any physical activity, brisk walk, jog, dance. Do anything but make sure that you sweat it out. 

Starting your day out with exercise can help with your anxiety. You will feel fresh and calm since exercise can release endorphins in your brain ( happiness hormones); hence, no anxiety. 

5. Natural Supplements

Try natural herbs that can help you out with your anxiety. Here are a few herbs that can lower your anxiety levels:

  • Lavender

Lavender has sedative properties that can help calm you down. Lavender can help with your pain as well as help relieve anxiety. You can enjoy lavender through various methods: 


* Consume it orally

* Spray it in your room/office

* Spray it on your clothes

* Add it to your bath 

* Rub lavender oils on your body

  • Kratom 

Kratom has earned popularity recently worldwide. It is famous for relieving anxiety, relieving pain, giving you energy, and increasing your attention span. 

There are various kratom strains for different purposes, but the best for anxiety is the red dragon kratom. The white strain is usually for boosting your energy, although there is a mix of both the white and red strain called the yellow Thai kratom, which is both good for anxiety and energy.

Kratom has no side effects whatsoever. Therefore it’s safe to use. Start with 2-3 grams at a time and consume more once the impact starts to wear off. You can use kratom by the following methods:

* Tea

* Tinctures

* Powder incorporated in the food or the easiest “toss and wash.” 

* Pills/capsules

  • CBD

CBD is very known for its sedating effects. It’s proven to be very useful for anxiety and pain. Numerous CBD users have reported that it has helped heal their depression and anxiety. 

Cbd can be incorporated into food, or the oil can be rubbed on your body for anxiety relief.

6. Meditation

You obviously get breaks at work; for bathroom food, etc. just utilize one of your breaks and meditate. You don’t need to be a professional guru to practice meditation. 

You can just simply practice the circular breathing technique we mentioned above. 

Meditation focuses on your breathing, which normalizes your heart level hence relief from anxiety. Meditation is a way of sending your brain messages to calm down and refresh your mind.

7. Take a break from that computer

Sitting in front of a computer can be very tiring. Staring at a screen can put a strain on your eyes, which can harm your brain(not permanently), which may result in anxiety and confusion.

Try getting rid of work for some time and stay away from your computer every now and then. Just take a stroll around the corridor, look out your window(if you have any), or close your eyes for a bit. But make sure you get up at least once an hour for at least five minutes, not more. Don’t worry. 

8. Talk to your co-workers.

Take a break and communicate with the people around you. If you suffer from anxiety offer you should know this, try talking it out with people around you as letting it out may relieve your anxiety and take the burden off your heart. 

Talking it out may actually calm you down, and you will end up feeling very relaxed.

9. Eat foods that can help relieve anxiety. 

Certain foods can relieve anxiety, such as dark chocolate and bananas. Just have two bananas 30 minutes before you leave for your work. Bananas can do wonders for your anxiety. 

Artists who have stage fear eat two bananas before going on the stage. It is reported that they don’t even feel like they have stage fear.

If you don’t like bananas, just eat a bark of dark chocolate(everyone loves chocolate). Dark chocolate is healthy and contains almost no sugar, so it is safe for your overall health as well. Consuming chocolate can release endorphins in your brain that automatically makes you feel happy and improves your overall mood.


Everyone faces anxiety at one point or another. The real game is controlling it. Anxiety can be a pain and can also slow down your productivity. All these tips mentioned above can help improve your work life and your life outside the office. Pick out a few methods that suit you the best and mix together. By getting rid of work for some time and mixing a few techniques will work the best for your health. However, if your anxiety starts getting out of your hands, you must see a medical expert.



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