How to keep your kids busy during School Holiday

work activity for kids

School holidays are usually fun times for children. They are excited to get time from gruelling classes and mounds of homework. However, they can get bored pretty fast at home. To prevent them from being idle, find some work activity for kids could participate in and have fun while doing them. Work activity for kids includes everything from sports clinics, music lessons, arts and crafts workshops, cooking classes and youth groups. Other ways to keep your kids busy during the school holidays are;

With the progressive increase in the use of technology nowadays, kids and teenagers are more addicted to staring at screens than ever before. They could be either stuck on the sofa watching tv, playing games on laptops and phones or constantly browsing social media and other internet sites. It is best to take them off the screens and give them a break by venturing outside for mini-adventures. 

A nature walk is a good way to get kids out into the fresh air and to allow them to exert some of their built-up energy. You could organise a picnic at the park, a camping trip, head to the beach or the local swimming pool, or even do some gardening at home.

  • Indoor Activities

Public libraries, museums and youth centres are some ways you could help young kids participate in organised activities. Get down to the local library and stock up on books to read to your kids. Let them read to each other to practice language skills and allow them time to read alone. Books are a great time-filling activity.

Let the kids get creative by drawing, colouring and painting. Grab some colouring books and display their artwork when they’re done. You never know, you could be living with the next great Van Gogh, and you don’t even know it. 

Use various things in your house like scissors, beads, stickers and cartons to transform into a craft project. This will help nurture their talent and creativity.

  • Prepare for The New Academic Year

It’s helpful to get your child organised for the new school year. This may include going shopping for new stationery and books. If your kids have been having trouble with some classes in school, this is the most suitable time for them to catch up on their studies or even hire a tutor to help them navigate the challenging parts.

Online education has been beneficial in so many ways. It has given kids access to check their reading comprehension, solve maths puzzles, expand their knowledge of the world around them, and so much more.

  • Socially Engaging Kids

Make sure that your kids stay social by organising play dates for them, like having their friends over, family-friendly movie night screenings, or signing them up for a camp over the break. Board games are also an excellent way to gather friends and family to spend quality time together.

Kids love kicking a ball around and scoring goals. You could try involving other kids in the neighbourhood to create a mini football team. Their competitive spirits will kick in in no time, and this will engage them for hours on end. (  

  • Volunteering or Part-time Job

The holidays are a great time for teenagers to earn some money, as well as independence and general skills, through part-time or casual work. This could be beneficial to them in future as they get an advantage over their competition on job prospects.


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