Various Applications of video compressors

Video compressor app

Video compression is a crucial aspect of OTT video delivery. It is a process of reducing the size of the video without affecting the quality. Video compression can help your company run effectively and smoothly. If you aren’t aware of the video compressor app, you must take a look here. Here are some applications the compressed video company or content creator must know. After knowing the applications, if you are interested in resizing videos, use the UniConverter compress video

  1. Enhance your reach 

According to reports, it stated that around 25% of the overall broadband connection delivers 25 Mbps or more. Moreover, even Netflix wants customers to have at least 25 Mbps if viewers want to watch ultra HD videos. But if Netflix could reduce the size of the videos, the number can come down to 15 Mbps, allowing you to watch ultra HD videos. In this aspect, the reach will increase by 25%, a significant number. With that, people can watch videos even at a lower bandwidth. 

  1. Buffering decreases 

More than 80% of the video service providers have experienced that video buffering is the main reason for the quality issues. The reason behind this is the lack of bandwidth between the client device and the streaming server. At times, the network problems disrupt the bandwidth, which is why the video stream cannot get through. Due to this, the picture freezes, and you cannot watch the video in a flow. At times, people start losing interest and skip viewing, a great loss for the company. But a compressed video will not come across buffering issues.

  1. Increases the picture quality 

When the bandwidth consumption gets reduced, the overall cost of watching a video gets decreased. A video company can boost picture quality by maintaining the bandwidth consumption. Customers love to watch better-quality videos, and with that, they would also love to stick to your channel. As a result, when new videos come up, they will watch it and share it across their social media platforms. With that, the views will increase, and if the video is regarding any products or services, you will also see a change in sales. 

  1. Better performance 

Increasing compression efficiency not only helps you save the company’s revenue but also more customers access it. Amazon and Netflix allow customers to download videos that they can view offline. When the video size is less, the downloading process increases, and customers can download more content. With that, they can also save more files on their system and watch them when they get time. 

  1. Decreases storage needs 

If you have already gained a huge customer base on your YouTube platform, you need to look for ways to retain them. If you do not upload videos that can entertain or engage them, probably they might stop following your channel. In this aspect, not only do you need to keep uploading videos but also ensure that the size of the video files is maintained. It also gives them to download more files, in return benefitting your company. 

  1. More leads 

When you upload a compressed video, people tend to look at the bandwidth. Also, if they like the video and wish to opt for the product or service, they will visit your website. As a result, the leads increase, with the chances of securing a higher rank in the SEO listing. It’s a great way of attracting potential audiences and converting them into reliable customers for the business. A compressed video will act as a promotional tool for the business. 

Well, after looking at all the applications listed regarding video compression, if you wish to know the process through which you can convert videos, take a look here. The process is specifically for a tool Wondershare Uniconvertor. 

  1. Launch the tool 

To use any application, you need to download and install it. After completing the downloading and installation process, launch it. When you open, you will come across a + sign; click there. Here you need to add the files that you wish to compress. 

  1. Compress the files 

Proceed to the setting icon, and change the respective parameters like video size, format, quality, bit rate, resolution, and various other aspects. After adjusting all the parameters, click on the preview button to check if everything is as per your requirement. If you think you need to change some other aspects, you can do it by clicking on the reset button. In case everything falls in place, select the OK button. 

  1. Compression in batches 

If you have a lot of videos and every video needs to be compressed, you can prepare batches and do it in one go. Performing this step eliminates the need to do the compression again and again. 

  1. Start compressing 

After you have made the necessary changes or formed batches, you can start compressing. Well, do not forget to specify the file location where all the files will get saved. Once the process gets over, you can move to the specified location and check the file size. The procedure is easy and you can do it within little time. 

Why Uniconverter? 

Many companies who upload videos often must be thinking when there are many applications, why Uniconverter? Well, your question and the answer is it assures that the quality of the video will not get affected after compressions. Additionally, the process is not only simple but also quick, so you do not need to wait for hours to get your videos compressed. Besides that, some other exclusive features that you can enjoy if you use a versatile video compressor app are a video and image converter. Therefore, you can do everything as you like to. You can also eliminate using a specific tool for image, video, and audio compressor, as a brilliant tool does everything. 

Final thoughts!

By understanding the video compressor app if you are interested to opt for it, go ahead with a well-known application. Doing so can reduce the bandwidth and storage to a great extent. Opt for Uniconverter and solve all video compression issues perfectly. 



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