Why DIY Lock Replacement Does Not Work

DIY Lock Replacement

DIY videos have been on the rise the past few years, thanks to the Internet. It is amazing how much we can learn from these videos – not to mention how much money we can save from resorting to DIY fixes and craft. However, there are things that we need professional help with, such as locksmith work. DIY lock replacement does not work – at least not all the time – and thus, calling our trusted technicians is the best way to go.

There have been opposing opinions about DIY lock replacement, so we sought the guidance of a highly experienced technician from West Coast Locksmith. Here is what he had to say: “This may look like an easy task, but there is more to this than what people may see. We assess the situation thoroughly before proffering a solution. Maybe re-keying is better. Maybe lock replacement is better. Sometimes we spot a problem that’s just waiting to happen, and we normally tell our clients ahead about this, as well.”

Lack of Hardware Knowledge

There is a very good reason why certain states have imposed laws requiring locksmiths to secure a license first before they can operate. This is to make sure that they’ve had enough education and experience in this field. Home and office security are not something to be taken lightly, after all.

Among the things that they study are the hardware, methodology, and common pitfalls. While there are many tutorials available online, there’s nothing like having first hand information from extensive experience.

Locks may appear the same to an untrained eye, but locksmiths and burglars view this differently. When properly installed, the right locks can secure your home or office like no other. On the other hand, other hardware or poor installation may cause your locks to offer little resistance to thieves. 

There are Lock available on the shelves that are keyed alike. You can use the same key to unlock them. This may seem like a convenient option so that you won’t need so many keys to unlock all the doors in your house, but the downside is that other people who bought the same might also be able to open the doors in your house.  If you have bought one of these, you’ll want your locksmith to re-key them in a more secure manner. He can then create new unique keys for you.

Choosing the right locks that matches your door and security requirements is another thing. Locksmiths can offer expert advice on this in a jiffy.

Clear Understanding of Options

For an untrained homeowner, DIY lock replacement seems like the most logical and convenient option available. However, if you asked an expert, you’ll find him asking to assess the property first before giving you his answer. 

Your door may have specialized hardware or hardware that is difficult to find. In such cases, it would be more beneficial to re-key this instead of replacing the locks altogether. Purchasing these hard-to-find parts may cost you time and a hefty sum of money. 

If your locks are good and working properly, it may save you money to re-key them instead of throwing them away. Re-keying means altering the mechanism of your lock, such that your old keys won’t work on them anymore. This option is just as safe as lock replacement.

If your locksmith checks and finds that your lock is already impaired or if they’re already worn out, it might be more economical and safer to replace them. 

Misaligned locks

Poorly installed locks may mean misaligned deadbolts and latches, which is a common problem. This causes doors to not work properly. Climate changes might aggravate the situation. If this is not fixed, it will wear down your lock or break your door. Broken locks and doors may not lock properly or may get jammed. Getting emergency locksmith services to resolve lockout situations will be another expense to consider.

Security Risk

Manufacturers have made DIY kits available for homeowners. Installing or re-keying locks have become a breeze these days, thanks to this innovation. While these kits have made the lives of homeowners a lot easier, it also makes the job of manipulating these locks a lot simpler for burglars, as well. 

Poor installation may pose a security threat. Loose door locks and knobs make it easy for thieves to break in. Door locks are composed of moving parts. Don’t be deceived just because it doesn’t look like it’s loose. Over time and continued use, the locks get worn down and become easy to dislodge. 

When you think about the cost and benefits, locksmiths, in the long run, will save you time and money. Your safety is not something that you should be risking. Having DIY projects is a fun way of learning and is a great recreation, but when it involves your safety and that of your family’s, hiring a professional locksmith is a worthwhile investment.



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