Trendy Fashion Advice for Women in their Late 20s

Women in their Late 20s

For the women in their late 20s, it’s usually a time of meaningful life exploration and experimentation. After all, during this stage of life, you’ve likely started to evolve and make better overall choices for your present well-being and future. To put it another way, you’re finally adulting and know more about yourself and what you want out of life.

And because you’re (hopefully) gainfully employed, your sense of fashion has also blossomed, but there’s always room for growth. Expanding your wardrobe to embrace this next chapter in life may have been on your mind for a while. Not sure in which direction to go? Here are four popular trends for women in their late 20s to follow and adopt.

1. Cardigans

These days, cardigans remain a popular clothing choice for women in their late 20s. Whether you’re dressing for the chilly season ahead or just like the look and want something to make your outfit pop, cardigans serve as the perfect cover-up for any occasion. Indeed, all women should have a couple of cardigans in their closet in a few different colors and styles (i.e., half-sleeved vs. long-sleeved) to be ready for any occasion or event. Get yourself a few cardigans if you want to keep warm without sacrificing style.

2. Lingerie and Garter Sets

Keep your boudoir looking hot and fresh by treating yourself to some sexy lingerie and garter sets. This way, you’ll always feel your best on a night out with your partner or even a group of girlfriends. Additionally, wearing some new, seductive pieces can help keep the fire burning in your relationship or marriage, or reignite a flame that may be dwindling. No matter the purpose, there’s always a good reason to buy some new lingerie or garter sets. Even if it’s just to make you feel good and better about yourself, isn’t that worth it? Shop different styles, from lacy garters and sweater rompers to satin chemises and lingerie costumes.

3. Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves have made quite the fashion comeback in 2020 into street styles and (virtual) runways alike. If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe with a few trendy pieces, a puffy-sleeved dress or puffy-sleeved blouse are both great options. They pair well with skinny jeans or leggings and a cute handbag. Get yourself a few puffy-sleeved tops and maybe a dress or two if you want to be on-trend for fall 2020 with the Kate Uptons and the Rihannas of the world.

4. Everything Lilac

From fluorescent lilac sweatpants to lilac boyfriend blazers, millennials are wearing the pale violet tone more now than they have in decades. In fact, according to Cosmopolitan, perhaps the color’s most iconic moment came during the 1999 MTV Movie Awards, when hip-hop artist Lil Kim donned her one-shoulder jumpsuit and seashell pasties. 

Back then, lilac was synonymous with tracksuits, pants, tops and even boots. These days, it tends to be reserved for dresses, handbags, tops, undergarments, sweaters and even facemasks. Indeed, the lilac trend is one of the hottest for the fall 2020 season, and if you haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon, now is the time.

Upgrading Your Wardrobe in Your Late 20s

If you’re looking to change up your style to prepare for a new chapter in life, heeding the above advice is a great place to start. Transform your closet into something more age- and lifestyle-appropriate by following trends that suit your personality and give you the confidence to tackle life with ferocity and enthusiasm.


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