Do you want to lease a tractor for your company?


The agricultural sector requires a lot of investment. If you want to purchase a new tractor, it is recommended to lease. Whether you want to lease a new tractor or a used tractor, we can help.

First go through your books for days? We don’t. We use our “equipment first” method: we create a financing solution that perfectly suits your business, based on how you will use the tractor and what it is worth. This makes Beequip your ideal partner for tractor lease (translated to Dutch: tractor leasen).

Is your farm ready for a new tractor or tractor? You can finance this major investment by means of a lease with Beequip Lease. Leasing is simple and involves little financial risk. If you decide to lease a new tractor through Beequip Lease, both purchase through your local dealer and billing per season is possible. Financing in combination with other tools is also possible.

Leasing a tractor is a flexible solution, tailored to your company
  • Lower monthly costs thanks to a financing period that is tailored to the economic life of the tractor.
  • Various lease constructions possible, including the option to own the tractor.
  • No seizure of your working capital and / or current account because 100% financing is possible.
  • Freedom of choice in brand, type and supplier.
Which lease solutions can you choose from?

Various lease solutions are available:

  • Financial lease
  • Operational lease
  • Pandlease

The main difference between the lease solutions is whether or not you choose to put the asset to be leased on your own balance sheet, and whether or not you want to take full ownership of the asset.

Well-known brands of tractors

A big advantage of lease a new tractor is that you have freedom of choice in brand, type and supplier. A number of well-known brands:

  • Case tractor
  • Claas tractor
  • Deutz tractor
  • Fendt tractor
  • Iseki tractor
  • John Deere tractor
  • Kubota tractor
  • Landini tractor
  • Massey Ferguson tractor
Lifting with a Still, Toyota or Linde forklift

Lease a Linde forklift? Or lease a Toyota forklift? Do you have preferences? Of course! In addition to your preference for the Still, Linde or perhaps a Caterpillar, the drive is also important. Do you prefer electric, diesel or LPG forklifts? The type of tires also comes into play: air, solid rubber or non-marking.

So you see, choosing a forklift is custom work. Leasing a forklift truck is also custom work. In all situations it is useful to talk to one of Beequip’s lease officers. Tailor-made financing; financial lease, operational lease or a sale and leaseback. We continue where the bank stops. We can do this because we know the material and your market. This allows us to assess your activities and create a solution for them. We call that equipment-first.

Lease or finance a forklift

At Beequip they like to help you grow your business. That is why they do not first look at figures, but take the value of the forklift as a starting point. Our experts help you with this by carrying out a valuation yourself. That way we find the best financing for your company. Then your company can grow. Even if the bank does not want to cooperate. Would you rather finance a used forklift where the head has already been finished? You can lease a forklift (translated to Dutch: heftruck leasen) with financial lease or operating lease. 


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