Types of Child Safe Products Every Parent Should Consider Having

child safe products

For most children, childhood is a time of growing, learning, and exploration. Yet children are curious, which means that it can also be a time for accidents. This means that parents need to do everything they can to keep their children safe.

Aside from using common sense, there are several child safety products for the home that can make a real difference in minimizing the risk of danger.

Keep reading to learn about some of the top child safe products that’ll keep those you love the most safe and sound.

Door Stoppers

Door injuries are some of the most common types of child injuries. Slamming doors can hurt the fingers, wrists, and hands of small children. Installing door stoppers throughout your home helps cut down on the risk of that happening.

Door stoppers fit under most doors, preventing them from moving at all. This can prevent any children from opening or closing them and getting hurt. When you don’t need to use door stoppers, many of them come with hooks that let you hang them on the back of the door.

A Gate for Small Children

According to the CDC, hospitals and clinics treat over 8,000 children for fall-related injuries each year. This adds up to almost 3 million children each year. Getting a childproof gate is one way to prevent these sorts of injuries from happening in the first place.

Childproof gates come with special locks that prevent small children from opening them. This makes them great for stairs, as well as areas that may have dangerous surfaces or objects behind them. On the other hand, adults will have no problem opening these gates, allowing them to move from room to room without a problem.

Edge and Corner Guards

One area of the house that many parents forget to childproof is the edges of furniture and sharp objects. When children are playing, they may bump their heads on these. They may also hurt themselves when trying to stand up or fall on them while playing.

Make sure to protect your children by installing edge and corner guards around anything sharp in your house. Quality edge guards won’t leave residue behind, are easy to apply and remove, and are fire retardant. You’ll also be able to choose from different colors, letting you get something that matches the color scheme of your home.

A Fireplace Guard

Are you lucky enough to have a home that has a working fireplace? If you are, make sure you take the proper steps to prevent your children from getting hurt near it. Fireplace guards are one product that can help do that.

Fireplace guards are strong and made of fire-resistant steel. You can adjust them to fit the size of any fireplace, and won’t have to worry about them melting or suffering any damage. Not only will a fireplace guard keep your children safe from the flames, but it’ll also protect them from the hot and sharp surfaces that are often near a fireplace.


As mentioned, falls on hard surfaces are a common type of injury for small children. Although this includes falling down the stairs, falling on a hard type of flooring can also cause injury. Playmats will keep them from getting hurt while having fun.

A high-quality playmat will be hypoallergenic and non-toxic. They’ll also be waterproof, easy to clean, reversible, and will come with a texture to prevent your child from slipping. Many play mats come in large sizes. This allows you to use them in place of an area rug. Playmats will keep your children safe while crawling, walking, and playing.

Cabinet Locks

Aside from medicine and different types of drugs, cabinets often contain many other products that can harm children. Household cleaners and sharp objects, such as knives and other types of silverware, are some of the primary culprits. Installing cabinet locks will prevent your kids from having access to them.

Smart cabinet locks have an indicator that tells you if they’re locked. They also have smooth edges, which will prevent your children’s hands from getting hurt, and allow you to remove them without difficulty.

A Medicine Safe

Far too many children get poisoned off of medicine each year. Whether you have ibuprofen or hospital-grade pain pills in your house, you need to ensure that everything is out of reach of your little ones. Investing in a guarded medicine safe is the best way to prevent any accidents from happening.

Vitamins, antihistamines, and pain medications can all harm kids. Keep them locked in this tough to crack medicine safe. The lock system will prevent kids from being able to open it, and the small size will allow you to store it on counters or in cabinets.

On account of COVID-19, many parents may have a lot of hand sanitizer lying around their house. Check out this guide to learn about whether or not hand sanitizer is safe for kids.

Stock up on These Child Safe Products

If you have young children, you want to make sure that you have the right child safe products in your house to keep them safe. By following this guide and stocking up on the products mentioned, you can sleep well each night, knowing that everyone will stay safe and happy.

Do you know any other child safety products that parents need to have? Make sure to let us know in a comment down below.

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