What are the Types of TV Aerial Sockets

TV Aerial Sockets

If you are installing the tv aerial set up then for sure you have seen many types of sockets behind the box. Maybe you are curious about the sockets, what types of sockets these are and what are the purpose of these sockets in the tv aerial installation. Don’t worry in this article we will clear your all doubts about the TV Aerial sockets and satellite sockets, so how you could choose the right one for the installation. So without wasting any more time let’s begin with the types of tv aerial sockets.

Coax IEC Sockets

It is the most socket used in the installation of the tv aerial. Mostly people in the UK and USA are familiar with this society. It is usually used for the TV aerial connections, but well known for the FM radio as well. For connecting this to the TV aerial you need a flying cable with the coax IEC socket on the terminator. Either you can use the male IEC plug or the female connection. The Installer will guide you properly which one will be best for your tv aerial installation.

Female Coax Socket

The most common and famous type of the Coax IEC socket is female IEC. For connecting this to your tv aerial set up you also need a male coax plug at the other terminal. Most of the people are familiar with this coax cable.

Male Coax Socket

This is the opposite of the female IEC socket. The benefit of the male socket is you don’t need a female socket. You have an option either you can connect it with the male socket or the female socket. For the reliable connection and strong signals it is usually used with the female coax IEC socket.


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