Warning Signs You’ve Hired The Wrong Attorney

Hired The Wrong Attorney

There are many lawyers to choose from at any particular time. You might require legal services but you’re not sure of how to go about the process of getting the right attorney. Ideally, you’d want to research the credentials and experience of the lawyer so that you can get one that will address all your needs, and keep in mind that there are many types of attorneys, from corporate, personal injury, to criminal lawyers. Even if you’ve found an experienced lawyer, there are no guarantees that you’ll get the best representation if there is no chemistry. Here are some of the signs that you’ve hired the wrong attorney for your case.

No Connection

When you reach out to an attorney for the first time, they might want to pretend that they understand you and want to work on your case. They do so to convince you to work with them. You’ll only get to know about their true colors of the hired wrong attorney once they start getting the retainer. You can always tell if you’ll get along with the attorney when you meet them for the first time. Trust your gut instinct as it is right in most instances. If you’re looking for an attorney for the Long Island catastrophic personal injuries case, you’d want to work with someone that is easy to get along with.

Lack of Communication

There is nothing worse when you hired the wrong attorney when there is poor communication. Since you don’t know the law, you’ll be depending on the attorney to do most of the work for you. They should offer timely communication so that you’re always aware of the status of the case. It will be hard to work with an attorney when the lines of communication have been broken. It will not be a good idea to change attorneys in the middle of litigation. The only option you might have is to reach out to the attorney and ask them to improve communication.

Lack of Enthusiasm

One of the ways you can know that the lawyer is the right person for the job is by getting someone that is genuinely enthusiastic about the case. They won’t primarily be driven by money but to offer the best legal services for their clients. It will be hard to advocate for a case when the attorney is not enthusiastic about the representation.  A good example is with a divorce case. To get the best outcome for such a case, the attorney will need to be invested in the representation.

Sketchy Billing

The attorney that you intend to hire should be upfront about their billing. Make sure that this information is clear before putting everything to pen and paper. A shoddy attorney will be sketchy with the billing and will want you to pay more than you should for the legal services that they’re offering. There are different ways that lawyers can unethically inflate their fees. They can decide to pad the hours or double the fees without you knowing.

 Any reputable attorney should be upfront about their charges. For a personal injury case, you’ll not be expected to pay anything as most personal injury attorneys will work on a contingency fee basis. That means that they’ll only get paid when the case has been decided in your favor. If you feel like what you’re being charged is not justified for the representation that you’re getting, ask about the billing practices

Incompetent Lawyer

Legal incompetence can be described as the attorney’s inability to legally represent you. A good example is when you’re working with an attorney that is never on time for the appointments. This is usually one of the red flags and you should not find out when it is already too late. A lawyer that engages in unethical practices can also be said to be incompetent. You will be complicit if you know that the attorney is intentionally breaking the law to represent you. As much as you’d want to get the best representation for your case, it is crucial that you’re doing everything by the book.


Working with a shady attorney could have severe implications on your case. That is why it is important that you’re taking your time while doing research. You need to make sure that the attorney has a stellar reputation in the community. Ask for references so that you’re having insights into the kind of legal representation that you can get while working with the attorney. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in case something is not clear or just want some clarifications before making any commitments.



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