How Did Curacao Become a Hub for Online Gambling?

Online Gambling

Looking for the ideal jurisdiction for where to base your new Online Cricket Betting ID start-up can be a complicated decision. Among the many different aspects that you will need to examine include fiscal policy, licensing costs, political and economic stability, tech and IT infrastructure and the skill and education of the local workforce.

When it comes to an ideal mixture of benefits when setting up an online gambling business, there are few places which can be said to “have it all” in the Western Hemisphere, but one of these countries is Curacao. Indeed, this may explain how the tiny island-nation located just off the coast of northern Brazil has become such a hotspot for online gambling start-ups not connected here in the last couple of decades.

In this article, we explore a few of the reasons why Curacao is today home to over 450 online gambling operators.

  1. Rapid and Cost-Effective

Getting a gambling license in Curacao is faster and cheaper than almost anywhere else in the world. Providing that the applicant submits the requisite documentation for the gambling license application process, you may even be granted permission to start taking bets in as few as two working days. Then, once you have set up, the costs of doing business in Curacao are also extremely reasonable.

  1. Simple and Easy

Unlike in some other countries offering gambling licenses, the application process in Curacao is relatively straightforward and hassle-free. There are a few forms to fill in, but the level of bureaucracy is generally manageable. This fact has given the country a serious edge over competing jurisdictions when it comes to the most attractive places to take out a gaming license.

  1. One-Size-Fits-All License

Whereas some popular jurisdictions require applicants to apply for different types of licenses depending on the kinds of games that they operate, Curacao makes things much simpler with its blanket Online Gaming License. Whether you want to run table games, slots, eSports betting, online casino games, poker, sports betting, or any other kind of game, this license has you covered.

  1. Tax-Free

A major attraction to setting up in Curacao is that gaming operators are free from tax obligations if their income is derived outside the country. Since the nature of online gaming involves clients in countries around the world paying in foreign currencies, this rule applies.

  1. Good Environment for Start-ups

Curacao has a stable and supportive political environment. When you add this to a healthy economic situation, you have the perfect environment in which to go out on your own as an online gaming company here. Business costs are also extremely competitive, as are labor and maintenance costs.

If you are considering the ideal location to start an online gambling country, you should look no further than Curacao. Not only is the license application process simple and easy to navigate, but the tax-free status of online gaming companies deriving income from outside the country means that profits are maximized in a big way.


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