Gone Fishing – 5 Ingenious Inventions That Will Improve Your Next Fishing Trip

Ingenious inventions

Heading into the wild for a fishing trip? It’s refreshing to rough it for a while but there are some ingenious inventions that can give you a greater sense of peace while you’re out there. By simplifying some of your basic tasks, like starting a fire or having adequate light when the sun goes down, you’ll have a far more enjoyable time. Here are five brilliant ingenious inventions that will improve your next fishing trip:

  1. The Right Lights

Overnight fishing trips in nature are the best, but you need to see what you’re doing at night. There are a great many tools available to campers and fishing enthusiasts to assist in creating light in the evenings, but the most innovative hands-free solution is a set of high quality LED Light Bars. They’re beyond convenient and seriously easy to place almost anywhere. The quality of these durable lights makes them suitable not just for recreational purposes, but also for industrial spaces, like the mining sector. 

  1. Get Your Teabags Out And Start The Campfire

Looking for a cheap and easy solution to lighting fires faster? Forget buying firelighters. If you have an avid tea drinker in the house, you can make your own! Save all of your used tea bags by placing them in a sealable glass jar. Soak the tea bags in paraffin and when you’re preparing for your next fishing trip, pack a couple of jars. You only need a few teabags at the base of your campfire kindling to get a decent blaze started. These DIY firelighters will burn long enough for your firewood to catch alight and burn well.  

  1. Eco-friendly Paper Lures

Fishing lures made from paper are the eco-friendly answer for those who value the pristine environment they get to step into when they go fishing. When anglers lose their fishing lures, it litters these natural environments. Even if the lost lures are under the water and out of sight, they still wreak havoc on the wildlife that inhabits the water. Paper lures came to the world courtesy of a Japanese inventor. They’re not straightforward paper, so they won’t disintegrate immediately, However, they will break down over time. 

  1. Free Your Hands With The Fish-N-Chum Rod Holder

The Fish N Chum rod holder is different from your standard rod holder. It enables you to strap your rod to your leg and use your hands without missing a beat. It’s kind of like having a bionic fishing limb. You’ll need to get used to the way your leg movements affect the rod, but once you’re up to speed, you’ll be able to fish hands-free until the time comes to reel in your catch. 

  1. Ready, Aim, Fire The Cricket Gun!

If you fish for panfish like bluegills using crickets, you’ll be glad to know that it’s not necessary to go chasing after critters to retrieve your bait. The cricket gun expertly stores your live bait, lined up and ready for you to use. When you need to load your next hook, you simply shoot a cricket out of the gun. The little beast is so stunned, it’s got no fight left to resist being loaded onto a hook. 

It’s Still In Your Hands

Whether you’re terrible at starting fires or highly skilled at wilderness survival, finding the perfect ingenious inventions for your next trip can only make it more fun. These handy accessories don’t take away from the hands-on fun of camping and fishing out in nature. They simply heighten the experience and give you the very best fishing trip possible. Enjoy!


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