6 Things You Need to try When You Visit St. George


If you’re planning a trip to St. George to visit the popular red rock formations at Zion National Park, you’ll be surprised to know that there is more to St. George than just Zion. The red rock park will not be the only interesting trip in your itinerary. When you visit St. George, you will have loads of places to visit and experience.

St. George has a collection of amazing restaurants that you can visit while you’re in the city. The dinosaur discovery site near the city is also a must-visit if you’re fascinated by these prehistoric animals. 

What to Do When Visiting St. George, Utah?

In the summers, even though the temperature is sky-high, visitors enjoy every bit of their trip to St. George because there’s lots to see! 

Today we are going to look at six things you must do when you’re in St. George while you’re visiting:

  • Restaurants

St. George is the nearest city to the Zion rock formations. Many visitors who make St. George their place of stay to visit Zion National Park find themselves falling in love with the city’s night scene, especially the restaurants. 

The city has numerous restaurants serving a variety of different foods. So, make sure to enjoy the best restaurants in St. George to have a delectable experience that you won’t be able to forget. After all, what vacation is complete without some amazing food?

  • Snow Canyon State Park

If you’re excited about Zion, then you should undoubtedly head there before you explore any other parks in the area. But if you’re willing to explore the area and look at some more awe-inspiring red rock formations (on a smaller scale) but closer to the city, head on to the Snow Canyon State Park. 

This park is located at a distance of just a 15-20 minute drive from St. George, depending on the entrance. Between the two entrances, you can enjoy a scenic drive that will be truly meditating for your mind!

During the day, you can visit the Snow Canyon for hiking, cycling, and taking photos. There are several camping areas in the park that will give you a great night-out adventure just on the outskirts of St. George. 

  • Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

The greater Zion region has this jewel of a site, perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts. If you are one of these people or have kids who can name several dinosaurs (a paleontologist in the making), do visit Johnson Farm. 

You can find dinosaur tracks throughout the surrounding area. The Dinosaur Discovery site is a place you don’t want to miss. This is a natural history museum with hundreds of dinosaur footprints preserved for you to see. 

This museum holds proof of dinosaurs that roamed the region more than 200 million years ago. The artifacts in the museum and the exhibits are perfect for both adults and children to enjoy. So, do spare a day exploring the Johnson Farm area and visiting the Natural History Museum while you’re in St. George. 

  • Zion National Park

When you’re visiting St. George, we would suggest that you book at least one day to visit the Zion national park to witness the miracle of the red rock. 

The Zion National Park would be the crown jewel of your trip to St. George. Even though the park is located an hour’s drive from the city, the beauty inside will propel you to make a few visits during your weekend trip. 

If you’re a climber, you will obviously want to spend most of your time at the park. But the best climbing conditions are during the March-May and September-November periods. In the summer, the heat is unbearable, so you won’t get to enjoy the climb. On the other hand, the winters are also quite rough, so you might want to avoid rock climbing during that time. 

But if you’re not an outdoorsy or sporty person, you might find the water on smooth rounded pebbles and greenery beside the red rocks quite captivating. You’d also want to rent an ATV if you want to camp in the park. And make sure to line up early because there are loads of visitors waiting to get a spot at their designated campsites. 

  • Town Square Park

The town square park is a perfect little place for a picnic. If you’re visiting St. George with children, you must visit this park. The park also has a carousel that children will enjoy a lot. Plus, the sculptures throughout the park give you the perfect scenery to click some pictures that you’ll reminisce about later! 

However, if you’re visiting there on the weekend, you’ll find a huge crowd in the park. But even if you do find the main area packed, there is still plenty of space in the park for you to find a corner for your family to relax away from the hustle. 

  • Tuacahn Saturday Market

If you’re an impulsive internet buyer, you’ll love the Tuacahn Saturday Market. As evident from the name, this market is set up every Saturday. It is located just outside The Tuacahn Center for the Arts, which is near the Snow Canyon State Park. 

The vendors in the market are craftspeople and artisans who make small gifts and goodies for selling. This is a perfect spot to pick up some fridge magnets to mark your trip or some souvenirs and gifts for your friends back home. 


While your trip to St. George might be for exploring Zion’s red rock formations, you will have much to do on your weekend in the city. You must make stops at the top restaurants, go to the dinosaur discovery site, and scoop up some gifts from the Sunday Market. 

So, there’s lots to do in the city. And if you have little time, try making an itinerary so that you can make trips to all the amazing places mentioned in this blog. Trust this article, and you won’t regret the decision because everything on this list is a must-visit!


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