Picture Perfect – 5 Strategies To Ensure You Always Look Good In Photographs

Look Good In Photographs

How to Look Good In Photographs: Some people are just naturally photogenic. No matter what moment they’re caught in, they always look spectacular in the photo captured. If you think this could never be you, we’ve got some news that will change your mind. There’s no reason to be camera shy. You too can perfect your snap game and look good in pictures with the following tips. 

  1. Analyze Your Pictures

Do you find yourself shirking away from the camera when it’s pointed in your direction? Self-portraits are the Achilles heel of photography for a lot of us. 

Perhaps you don’t like the way one eye appears bigger than the other, or the fact that they always seem to blink at different times in photos, making you look perpetually drunk. Analyze old pictures of yourself to find out what it is about your facial features or poses that you particularly don’t like. If it’s your teeth, spoil yourself with a visit to a teeth whitening clinic so you can flash that smile with confidence next time. 

Also, study pictures of yourself that you do like. Perhaps you tend to look better from a side angle. Knowing this fact will remind you to pose showing your better side in all your pictures.

Professional photographers often suggest simple tips like blinking just before your picture is taken to avoid blinking during the picture. 

2. It’s All About The Hair And Make-Up 

While a fresh face of make-up can make your eyes pop and your skin glow in pictures, certain products can have a terrible impact when the flash hits. SPF products, for example, cause a ghost-like effect when exposed to flash photography. 

Good contouring tricks will make your face look chiseled and elongated, and highlighted cheekbones can provide you with the right amount of glow. Your hair must also be tidy, and spray-on-shine will give it a healthier and more luxurious feel. 

3. The Essence Of a Good Picture Is Good Clothes 

Decide on the look you want to portray in your pictures, and wear clothes to match it. Brighter colors, like oranges and reds, will enhance your face and make you look fresh, while darker colors have a slimming effect

Try to avoid wearing horizontal stripes in photographs if you are short as it can make you look shorter. Black dresses tend to streamline the body, so opt for a long black dress if you feel uncomfortable being photographed. 

4. Lighting Is Life 

For years, we believed that standing under direct sunlight produced better pictures, but it turns out this is not necessarily the case. Perfect pictures are captured in gloomy weather, whereas low ambient lighting can make your eyes appear red. Check each picture after you snap it to make sure you have the right lighting conditions. 

5. Practice The Art Of Looking Good In a Picture 

Practice makes perfect, in picture-taking as with everything. Try out different poses and see which one makes you look comfortable and photogenic. Try different smiles on for size. A big cheesy grin suits some faces, while others look better if they dial it back a bit. Spend some time in front of the mirror figuring out your best look. If it feels silly, remember that all your photogenic friends have done this at one time or another – that’s precisely how they became so photogenic! 

We all feel the pressure to look perfect in pictures, especially when everyone’s Instagram feed looks like a gallery exhibition. Use the tips in this post to up your photography game. A picture speaks 1000 words, so give it your best shot!



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