Metaphysical Healing Properties of Red Jasper

red brecciated jasper gem stone isolated on white
closeup of sample of natural mineral from geological collection - red brecciated jasper gem stone isolated on white background

What is Red Jasper?

The Red Jasper is an opaque aggregate of micro-granular quartz with large, grainy Chalcedony or Agate crystals. The Red Jasper is found around the world as filling fissures and nodules and has a beautiful deep vibrant red color from its high iron content, and the other impurities and minerals in them create rich patterns. The name “jasper” is a Greek word meaning “spotted stone.” There are many types of jaspers, but all of them connect their wearer to the earth’s energy for a grounding and stabilizing effect.

Ancient people have revered the Jaspers as sacred and powerful stones that are gently stimulating and extremely protective. They offered protection in both the spiritual and physical realm, and the people enjoyed the Red Jasper stone healing abilities. Most magicians, scientists, physicians, scholars, lapidaries, and poets have extolled the Jaspers virtues. They knew them as the nurturers and rain bringers, spirit healers, courage, and wisdom stones.

What is Red Jasper Used for & By Who?

  • Jasper is considered a powerful healing stone that intensifies the feeling of well-being, bringing tranquility and wholeness. The red Jasper stone healing properties have seen the gemstone used to heal staunch wounds and increase fertility. It is also helpful in ceremonies and practices and establishing new spiritual disciplines.
  • The red jasper stone benefits the wearer with protection. It absorbs environmental and electromagnetic pollution and radiation at home, prevents accidents and road rage when kept in the car, and shields against psychic attack when worn as jewelry. It is helpful when working with individuals that are psychologically disturbed for spirit rescue.
  • The jasper has the ability and balance aggressive, dynamic energy. It alleviates stress and eliminates negativity, soothes the nerves, and restores balance, stabilizing the aura. Its high spiritual energy increases focus and endurance and clearing of mind during prayer and meditation. It is perfect for astral travels and provides vivid dream recall.
  • Red Jasper is a stone of passion, a token for those who consummate love. It encourages control by calming sexual aggressiveness, enhancing tantric sex, and promoting sexual compatibility. Women seek their assistance to overcome a jealous rival and unfair opposition in a relationship, stabilize pregnancies, and facilitate safe childbirth.
  • Red Jasper stimulates passion for creative work by manifesting freshness and new ideas, bringing focus, and quick-thinking. This crystal is helpful to people in expressive and performing arts, like actors and actresses, to be sensitive to their audience.
  • Professionals requiring stamina and physical strength will find support from the Red Jasper, which brings alertness and emotional endurance to focus on tasks. Professionals like waiters, trade workers, accountants, and military personnel will enjoy the energy it brings. It may be useful in enhancing the effects of exercises in bodybuilding due to its ability to help in muscle tissue generation. It provides strength and vitality to those with prolonged injuries or hospitalization, re-energizing the body.

Historically, Red Jasper was a stone of vibrancy and endurance, that increased fertility and stirred the pulse. A Viking and Germanic legend say the hilt of the dragon slayer’s sword, Siegfried, was inlaid with this gemstone for courage. Ancient Egyptians linked it to Mother Isis’ fertilizing blood, carving, and placing them on the deceased’s necks as protective amulets.

It is believed the “Ruby” listed in the Bible at the time of Hebrew Exodus, and the first stone on Aaron the High Priest’s breastplate, as the Red Jasper. Native American tribes called it the blood of Mother Earth and used it to increase sensitivity to earth when calling in the rain, stimulating health and new ideas.

Today, the stone is known as the Stone of Endurance, which brings physical strength, energy, determination. It has a steady frequency that calms emotions to create stable energy for improving health, setting goals, and following through with them, the courage to rectify wrongs, facing unpleasant tasks, manifest creative ideas, and rejuvenate libido. Red Jasper stone benefits are profound, it activates Base Chakra and the rise of kundalini energy through them, to cleanse and strengthen the aura.

What Metaphysical Healing Properties Does Red Jasper Stone Have?

The Red Jasper stone benefits one with strong protective properties by connecting one to the base chakras. People have used this gemstone for thousands of years for its ability to create a grounded feeling and the shaking of stagnant energy to stir up the life force.

It also rouses the kundalini serpent from slumber, which speaks to the energy at the base of the spine, causing energy to spiral through the body for a deep spiritual awakening. Those facing challenges and are looking for courage and power to stand their ground and face tough things, the Red Jasper gives one that inner power to face it all.

Other metaphysical properties include:

  • Helps you rectify unjust situations and ground energy.
  • Gives an insight into difficult situations, bringing problems to light before they are too big.
  • When placed under a pillow, it helps you recall dreams.
  • Cleans your aura and strengthens your personal boundaries.
  • This stone of health detoxifies the blood and circulatory system, dissolving blockages in bile ducts and liver.

Where Can I Buy Red Jasper Stones Online?

Red Jasper stone is available in many places worldwide, deep in the rich folds of the earth. You can buy red jasper in Russia, Indonesia, Australia, India, Brazil, the United States, and Madagascar. The online markets have simplified the search for you, and the gemstones are only an online click away, and they are delivered to your doorstep. You can find a real Red Jasper online on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Gem Quartz, Natures For You, and Etsy.


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