Butt Plugs 101: A Beginner’s Guide

butt plugs

The oldest known sex toy was discovered to be over 28,000 years old! We have come a long way since then with new and exciting creations hitting the shelves each year.

Many people shy away from one toy, though: butt plugs.

Anal play can be enjoyed by every gender and sexual orientation, so if you are curious keep reading! We have got the butt plug 101 right here with answers to everything you have ever wanted to know about this sexy and fun toy.

Let’s get started!

What Is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is basically exactly what it sounds like: a plug for your butt! The butt plug is different than say a vaginal sex toy due to its shape.

The butt plug is usually tapered at the top and gradually gets larger with a bulb at the end for the anal sphincter to rest on during use.

One major component of the butt plug is the bottom of the toy. The base or bottom of the plug should always have a pull cord, flared base, or ring for easy removal.

Devices for the vaginal canal don’t need this feature because the vagina has an end. However, the anal canal goes on and on. Without the bottom feature, a butt plug could get lost or stuck in the anal canal, and that is no fun for anyone!

Why Use One?

Men and women alike can benefit from using anal toys such as butt plugs. For women, the toy can stimulate the G-Spot during intercourse or foreplay. The G-Spot is an erogenous zone located inside of the vagina.

When the G-Spot is stimulated it can produce powerful orgasms, and guess what, the butt plug can help achieve those sought after climaxes!

As for men, the butt plug can be used to stimulate the prostate gland. Like the G-Spot for women, prostate stimulation also produces intense climaxes.

Regardless of the aforementioned erogenous zones, butt plugs are just fun! They are a little taboo for some, but that can add to the excitement of trying one. Read on here to learn how to use one for the first time!

What Should I Do With One?

First things first, you have to relax before using a butt plug! The anatomy of the anal canal can be very tight, and trying to insert a plug when you are tense will be very painful.

Start with some minor stimulation with a finger first to help you get comfortable with being touched in the area. When you start to relax, you can move on to using a small plug.

One key point to remember is to always use lube! The anal canal is not self-lubricating like the vaginal canal, so lube is essential to a pleasurable experience. Additionally, you might want to keep some cleansing wipes nearby during anal play.

In theory, there should never be anything messy (fecal matter) in the anal canal, as it is stored in the upper bowel. However, sometimes it happens. Try taking a shower beforehand and cleansing to alleviate any fears of making a mess.

Having Fun With Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are a fun and adventurous addition to any bedroom. Staying open with your partner is the best course of action to maintain a happy and healthy sex life. Just remember to always practice safe sex and remember to have fun!

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