5 Classy Tips for Chartering a Private Jet

chartering a private jet

Did you know corporate aviation generates nearly $150 billion a year? That doesn’t all come from celebrities hiring their personal pilots, either.

Have you ever pictured yourself flying sky high in a private jet?

Well, you should, if you haven’t already. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you our 5 classy tips for chartering a private jet during a pandemic.

1) Do Your Research

All companies are different, from their aircraft to their policies. It helps to always look into the companies’ policies and reviews from previous fliers to ensure you are safely chartering your private jet.

An easy way to research is to call charter operators and ask about:

  • The company’s aircraft maintenance
  • The pilot’s qualifications
  • The company and aircraft safety rating
  • Their fleet of aircraft.

A good and trustworthy company will be eager to answer your questions and assure you they are the right choice, don’t just go for the cheapest option.

2) Chartering a Private Jet

If you aren’t going to be a frequent private jet user, then a good option is chartering. This means you hire a company to fly you on a private aircraft to your destination.

During the pandemic, people are more on edge than ever when it comes to hygiene and safety. Since chartering provides convenient and safe air travel, it has made private jets and the pandemic a common duo.

If you want to charter a private jet, you can look up charter services at your local airport on your own or use a broker who will help you shop based on availability, price, and aircraft type.

Chartering can be expensive but is safe, convenient, and cheaper than owning your own jet to travel during the pandemic.

3) Memberships

Surprisingly enough, there are membership options you can consider for private jets.

Memberships provide you access to a seat in a predetermined aircraft fleet. Since you share the cabin with others, it’s essentially a hybrid of a commercial and private charter.

You will pay a monthly fee and then also a per flight and per seat fee. The membership fees are what allow you access to the fleet.

4) Consider the Type of Travel Experience

When deciding on a company or how you’ll travel via private jet, it’s important to decide what type of experience you’re looking for.

There are several options to consider when choosing your jet, including:

  • Utility
  • Comfort and space
  • Fine dining or snacks
  • Flight attendants
  • Free or complimentary WiFi
  • Lavatory type

Most people choose their jet based on comfort. The most important things to consider are cabin height for stand-up headroom.

5) Have All of Your Information Ready

You should already have the answers to certain questions before you even contact a private jet company. Some questions you should have prepared include:

  • What is your starting and ending destination?
  • What are your dates and times?
  • Are your dates and times flexible or firm?
  • How many travelers will you have?
  • Do you any of your passengers have special needs?
  • Will any animals be traveling?

When you consider your destinations, there might be options for closer airports you don’t know about, since major airlines only fly into around 500 airports instead of over 5,000 U.S. airports.

Depending on your dates, there may be surcharges, cancellation, and change fees. Your date will determine different charges and requirements before flying. This also applies to how many people are flying, since this will determine your jet’s size and the special needs you may require.

Final Call for Boarding

Coming prepared with these five tips will set you up for success when you look into chartering a private jet.

Are you ready for lift-off to your safe vacation mid-pandemic?


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