Friends: What to Get a Friend Who Has It All?


Some friends are easy to shop for. They have a well-defined interest that everyone knows about, and which requires a constant supply of consumables. A keen golfer, for example, might appreciate another fifty or so golf balls; an artist might feel the same way about a new set of brushes or paints.

At the other end of the spectrum are those friends who already have everything they need. If they wanted something, they’d have already gone out and bought it. When shopping for a gift for these people, the trick is to identify something that they need, but don’t yet want. Fortunately, quite a few popular gifts fit into this category for most people. Let’s take a look at some reliable candidates.

Something Sweet

A special occasion deserves to be commemorated with a treat or two. If your friend has a waistline to watch, then don’t worry – you needn’t splash out on anything too large. In fact, it’s usually better to go for smaller, personalised chocolate gifts (especially if they’re high-quality) than a large tub of something completely generic.

Something Fancy

By the same token, a special occasion might be marked with a pack of something fancy, even if it isn’t all that sweet. Black truffle and caviar are not the sorts of ingredients that even the wealthiest of us keep around. Into this category you might put high-quality spirits and wines – the sort that can be collected for years before being opened at a special occasion. You might even etch the bottle with a special, personalised message, and thereby distinguish it from the others in the collection.

Experience Days

The great thing about an ‘experience day’ is that you don’t need to worry too much about buying something that your intended recipient has already got. They might well have had a day at a spa, or gone to a cocktail-mixing demonstration, or attended a stunt-driving class. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate another one.

Something Personal

Marking the special occasion with a hint of something personal is usually a safe way to go. If the person you have in mind really does have it all, then why not offer something that connects the two of you on a more sentimental level? This might be a framed photo from a memorable holiday; it might be a handmade item that you’ve lovingly slaved over for an entire morning.


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