What you know about Upholstery Fabric and what you don’t know about Upholstery Fabric

know about Upholstery Fabrics

We all love having a cozy sofa for us to stretch out for a while. And it is equally important to maintain the sofa too. The fabric of the sofa needs changing frequently to make it look like new. But most of us have the habit of ignoring such things. And ignorance can cost you more. Make sure to know about Upholstery Fabrics and choose the best one. Because at the end of the day, you need your sofa to look the best and there are many options available in the market. If you choose the best, then the sofa or any furniture will stay longer.

Important things to know about upholstery fabrics

For making your sofa or any other furniture look new, we use upholstery. This process helps in maintaining the furniture, like a sofa for example. Most of us tend to choose the average quality upholstery and end up getting average results. But the best upholstery uses fine fabrics for your furniture like cotton, linen, wool, silk, polyester etc. These are some of things you already know about the upholstery fabric and learn more about upholstery fabric here.

  1. The upholstery has been popular from the 13th century and is a premium product. The process of upholstery was earlier exclusive to most of the royal families. And the fabrics used had ornaments, pearls and were mainly done on the cushions and carpets. Thus, when the upholstery fabric came into existence, only rich people could afford them.
  2. In the year 1487, Professional upholstery came to existence in England. And then the fully upholstered sofa was made with the approval of the monarch. The sofa was called the knole settee and it was used for receiving the visitors. The upholstery received huge patronage and response. 
  3. The upholstery fabric is made up of natural, synthetic fibers. Sometimes they use both the fabrics for making the furniture. For instance, the sofa or chair can be made either with linen or polyester fabric. These give a fine finish to the sofa or chair and make them look like they are brand new. After all, at the end of the day we want our sofa or chair to have a grand and new look. 
  4. In modern upholstery, the fabric which is most in demand is the fabric which is like crypton but affordable like suede fabric. These materials give your furniture a sophisticated look and also give a perfect finish. Modern upholstery fabrics are the best fabrics which make your furniture last longer. 
  5. Cotton and wool are used for upholstery as cotton allows air to circulate and gives your furniture a light feel, and they are heat absorbents. Whereas the wool helps in absorbing the odor and noise. This is the best fabric to choose if you want to live at a place where there is high traffic. Because these upholstery fabrics are comfortable convenient to use. Both the materials are affordable and make your furniture look gorgeous and feel good.
  6. In modern upholstery there is also microfiber. It is one of the finest manmade fibers and it is thinner than human hair. This fiber was invented in Japan. The fiber is one of the best fabrics used in making furniture. The material is stain resistant. This means that there is less chance of having a stain. The fabric does not come in patterns or different textures like other upholstery fabrics. It is more like an array of colors and it is denser than other fabrics. 
  7. Another fabric used for upholstery is the rayon. The fabric is also manmade and has been there for over 100 years. The rayon fabric is one of the softest, cool and absorbent material, even though it insulates the body heat. But still, it is one of the most popular fabrics used for upholstery. And the new improved versions of rayon are a good choice for upholstery. If you want a fabric for your sofa that looks shiny and durable, then rayon fabric is the optimum choice. However, it is not resistant against the wrinkles.
  8. One of the most used fabrics for upholstery is the silk fabric. China has become the greatest exporter for over 100 years. Most important types of silk fabrics used for the upholstery are the silk dupioni, silk shantung and silk linen. For example, if you want to reupholster your chair, then you can use the silk velvet fabric for it as the fabric will have a smooth finish and will be easy to maintain. The use of the silk velvet or generally silk fabric in upholstery gives your sofa, chair and other furniture a royal touch. 
  9. Another important fabric used in upholstery is the Olefin. This fabric is a synthetic fiber. It is fade resistant as the color of the fiber is locked during the melting process. The fabric is petroleum based synthetic fiber and it looks like the wool. If you want your furniture’s fabric to last longer, then olefin fabric is the best choice for you. This is because the fabric is extremely durable. Also, the fabric is waterproof; this means you can wipe the sofa or chair if anything spills on them. This is because the fabric is made from melted plastic pellets. 
  10. Next best fabric for you to choose for the upholstery is the polyester. It is another synthetic fiber with high resilience and extremely easy to maintain. The fabric is soft and comfortable. It is easy to clean. For instance, your sofa has a stain on it because of an accident, but if it is made of polyester then you can clean it quickly. Also, the fabric can blend with other fabrics which make it more durable. Thus, polyester fabrics are one of the best upholsteries for furniture.

These are some of the things to know about upholstery fabrics and what you do not know about upholstery fabrics.


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