The DIY Boom: 40% of Homeowners Enjoy DIY During Lockdown

Homeowners Enjoy DIY

The lockdown in the UK changed many of our lives for both better and worse. It changed the ways we work, the ways we socialise, and also gave many of us that opportunity to consider getting our homes in order too.

And it turns out that many of us obliged with around 40% of us undertaking DIY during the last few months.

The reasons for that are ample. For the vast proportion of us it was to fix the many odd jobs that needed doing, but for others it has been a case of being in the best possible position to sell when the market returns.

It’s been a solid few months of people doing the jobs to increase their house value, and brand such as Fast Cash Property, a quick sale property expert have noticed a number of people coming to them looking to sell after taking up a number of jobs to increase value.

Of course, for others it’s been simply to make their home look that bit more comforting and respectable during a time when we’re spending more time at home than ever before.

But what are the DIY jobs that have been on most people’s agenda over the last few months?

The Most Common DIY Jobs

There have been many different jobs across the home people have been looking after recently, with the garden topping people’s lists as we begin to value outdoor space more and more.

57% of people who have taken up DIY during lockdown have made improvements to their garden, with a general spring clean the second most common chore, endured by 47% of people. Painting and decorating came third with 34%.

It appeared Brits were taking in some major redecorating work too, with bathroom renovations undertaken by 20% of Brits, while 5% even began planning extensions and major construction work.

Embraced by the Younger Generation

We’re also seeing the younger generation enjoy DIY more than ever before, with 60% of 18 to 34-year-olds having completed some form of DIY during the lockdown period, more than any other generation.

That was the case for all forms of project, from small repairs to major projects such as renovation. 

Around 57% of 35 to 54-year-olds took up some form of DIY during lockdown, with around 50% of over 55s. 

Of course, the coming months could see that all kick in once again, with more winter-focused chores now the main consideration as Britain starts to fight a second spike. But one thing is for sure, when we do come out of it, our homes are going to be more immaculate than ever before!


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