Why are so many women turning to mini-facelifts?

women turning to mini-facelifts

Mini-facelift is a popular cosmetic surgery to treat mild to severe signs of aging. Find out more directly from experts in NYC

A lot of women today are juggling crazy work schedules, countless Zoom meetings and never-ending lists of household chores. With all these distractions, it is hard to find precious time to pamper our skin. A mini facelift has become an extremely popular procedure well suited for women who desire a refreshed, rejuvenated look with limited downtime. 

With plastic surgery, there is a fear that most people have of looking like ‘too much work done.’ But this doesn’t come with mini-facelifts because it gives very natural looking results. While the traditional facelift is a good option for treating severe signs of aging and skin damage, the mini-facelift directly targets trouble spots like the mid-face and jowls. It is also far less intense when it comes to the recovery process. 

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Mini facelifts help fight signs of aging in less time

A Mini-facelift has helped many women, especially those in their 40s and 50s to turn the clock back without a lot of hassles. This cosmetic procedure is very popular because it targets the signs of aging like loose skin, loss of natural suppleness and volume of the skin around the cheeks and even lines and wrinkles on the face.

Creases, sagging jowls and excess skin in the lower face, the most visible signs of aging, appear due to the loss of volume in the facial skin with age. Genetics, sun damage, gravity, loss of skin elasticity all contribute to the skin losing its youthful glow and fullness.

Dr. Joel Kopelman, a New York City Facial Plastic Surgeon, says that “folds and wrinkles around the mouth can also cause darkening of that area of the skin. It is the loose folds of skin in the lower face and the whole underlying facial muscles that can be given a ‘lift’ using the targeted approach of a mini-facelift. For many patients, targeting the lower third of the face can result in fabulous improvements made to the overall appearance of the face.”

How does the mini-facelift work?

In cosmetic surgery treatments like mini-facelifts your doctor will first have a detailed consultation with you about your skin problems. Depending on the severity of the aging process and skin issues, the doctor will then suggest the course of action that is needed for your skin. In some sense, these beauty treatments are completely customized to suit your own problems rather than being a one-size fit for all. 

Dr. Kopelman says, “In order to reduce signs of aging and make you look rejuvenated, it is important to address the deeper layers of tissues, muscles and skin under the outermost layer of the facial skin. Going in and repairing those facial muscles and ligaments can have great effects on reducing signs of aging in the outermost layer as well.”

Mini-facelifts bring in most natural-looking results. Without harming the crucial facial nerves or glands, an expert plastic surgeon can lift the skin and muscles of the face, release ligaments and reposition the fat pads in the skin vertically to create a ‘lift.’ This does not affect the functionality of crucial muscles and glands. 

The mini-facelift is designed and customized to provide you with a lift from within the facial muscles. It brings a smooth and fuller looking skin texture that makes you look several years younger. This is the reason why people have started going for both mini facelifts and facelifts during their 40s and 50s. 

But will getting a mini facelift or even a facelift in your 40s harm the skin?

Dr. Kopelman sets aside this concern and says, “just as there is no specific time for your aging to get worse, similarly there is no particularly good time to get facelifts done. Signs of aging can be corrected when your skin is not too damaged, and this can only give longer-lasting results.”

Some patients may feel very afraid of getting under the knife because of the longer recovery time. Dr. Kopelman says that “going in for a recovery time of two weeks is completely worth your while if the procedure makes you look 10-20 years younger.”

Despite the universal disapproval of downtime, the popularity of mini-facelifts has not waned. In a fitness-oriented world it is vitally important that we look and feel our best. The promise of permanent results of facelift procedures has attracted many. Facial plastic surgery has also evolved a great deal especially in the past two decades. And so too has the perception of people to cosmetic procedures in general. 


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